Have Alien Bodies Been Found On Mars

Many people believe that Mars was at one time in the ancient past inhabited by Martians and that a massive Martian world wide nuclear war happened and those that could fled Mars and settled here on Earth? Then there's people that believe Mars is still inhabited by Aliens and other beings also?

There's that many conspiracy theories regarding Mars that it's hard to keep up with the never ending always evolving theories about Mars "especially" when you see these types of images, check this out.

Are these Alien bodies on the Red planet or simply a trick of the light and the rocks? A conspiracy theorist is absolutely convinced that what we are looking at here is NASA showing us Aliens bodies in the Mars Curiosity Rovers images?

Steve Martin, from Kent (image credits Steve Martin/Mars Curiosity Rover) is convinced pictures prove that there is life on Mars.

A UFO enthusiast believes he has uncovered proof of bodies on the surface of Mars. Retired civil servant Steve Martin, from Kent, trawled through thousands of pictures taken by NASA's Mars Rover searching for anything out of the unusual. And he found mysterious looking objects which he thinks show alien corpses on the red planet. Compelling pictures appear to show a human-like figure on its back, with what appear to be a head and limbs. Steve, 56, said: "It was mind blowing.

this is just a small snippet of the full post on the website "Mirror" check the link at the bottom of this post to read the full length story.

I'll show you a few more images with amazing "undeniable" anomalies in the captured image! There's no doubt in my mind that NASA is on a sightseeing tour of Mars and are logging lifeforms as and when they come across them like for instance this:

A human type of a figure captured on camera on Mars by the Rover.

Some sort of a reptile or an Iguana caught on camera on Mars.

Humanoid figure on Mars caught on camera by the Mars Rover.

All original image credits are 

Link to our initial, original source of information

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