There Never Was A UFO On US Aircraft Carrier (VIDEO UPDATE)

Here is the original video image showing a hoax UFO on a US aircraft carrier.

So we're back to put things right or straight, in line or to set the record straight. That this "awesome video" lol is not real, apparently?

Yes we did say it was an awesome video, but it was like many people thought it was brilliant.

Here is the original video image without the added fake UFO TR3b.

It still is brilliant but now it's just a brilliant hoax. An Iranian TV news outlet called Tasnim took up the story after seeing it on a YouTube channel and they apparently ran with it. As you can imagine the Iranians used to tell the (their words) public why the Americans can't be trusted.

We have to do this update as it's part of the story and seeing as people were duped in to believing this was real we feel they like us need an explanation. I don't think "for entertainment purposes only" cuts it do you? You'll see what I mean when you read on.

By the way, the Tasnim News Agency still has this on their website and are sticking by the video from Section 51 even though Section 51 have deleted the video from their YouTube channel, lol. They seem to have got a copy of their video and that's why it's still on their website. Check the link at the bottom of this post.

Here is a quote from the USMN&V:

Iranian media dived deep into a bizarre conspiracy theory around a badly edited video on YouTube that claimed to show an unidentified flying object on the deck of the USS Gerald R. Ford, the US’s newest super-carrier.

Tasnim News Agency, an Iranian website with close ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, wrote up a YouTube video from SECTION 51 2.0, a channel that promises: “Exclusive UFO Footage from all over the world” while adding a disclaimer that the videos are for entertainment purposes only. Tasnim buys hook, line, and sinker the UFO’s presence aboard the deck of the Ford, while mistakenly referring to the US Navy aviation units captured on video as US Air Force jets.

So after reading and watching all this unfold I'm not very happy. This website always asks for your judgement and we take our cur a lot of the time from bigger, more established Ufology sites etc but from today that's out of the window!

I have begun to see that relying on more established researchers is wrong! Believe me, even scientists rely on and back up each others claims, findings and opinions and views when presenting their findings. I know Ufology and science is a million miles apart (depending on who you ask) but there are similarities.

So from now on it's a case of relying on "our own gut instincts" yeah I mean you and me. If something needs an opinion one way or another, then i'm sticking with just you guys and my own opinions.

Here's the video which was faked and of the real event with no hoax just after it in one video from US Military News & Videos:

Please will you share this post as people will want to see the real video and see that the video they thought was real before (there was a lot of people) is actually a hoax.

Source US Military News & Videos YouTube.
Source Reference USNI News Video YouTube.
Source Tasnim News Agency.


  1. You can not tell which is the real video.
    It is easier to take out an object than it is to put one in.


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