Huge UFO Flying Over The Himalayas Very Recent Video

The best UFO seen over the Himalayas that is in a beautiful location.

The Himalayas has mountains for days and days, this is a UFO that was caught on camera by accident. It is a one in a million UFO video because of the location, the terrain, the time of day, the fact that everything came together in the moment, in that part of the world is tremendous.

There's never any room for error when filming a UFO by accident. The whole event is by chance and that's what makes these so epic. That's why a lot of UFO videos and UFO images or UFO photographs are grainy, out of focus and blurry.

It's because the real ones are always by accident and someone just grabs the camera or camcorder and just points it and shoots. There's no focus or any stabilising factors because it's either going to be photographed or videoed or it's not? There's one chance to get it and one chance alone, you either take it or you don't and most tend to just go for it.

Footage of a UFO taken over the Himalayas taken in July 2018.

I understand that fakers have jumped on this bandwagon so-to-speak and done it in this way, but the ones like that are generally weeded out? This is a really good UFO encounter caught on camera I think. The Himalayas are a very remote place, it's very cold and it's unforgiving.

UFO in the shape of a Flying Saucer flying over the Himalayas.

The terrain is treacherous and don't be fooled by the amazing views and beautiful scenic views because to appreciate them, you have to literally climb a hill the likes of which are epic. Here's the amazing video, please share this with your friends and if you can, please comment on this with your thoughts and opinions, thank you.

Source ufo_yorkshire_uk Instagram.

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