Ring Doorbell CCTV UFO Footage Probably One Of The First

Amazing UFO caught on camera in the West midlands in the UK.

This is probably one of the first better UFOs caught on camera from a doorbell CCTV? It's an amazing and very good find, I say find because it was discovered by the owner of the Doorbell CCTV on the CCTV by chance and by accident.

There's not many decent UFO videos coming from the Ring doorbell system but I reckon that soon there will be more and more UFO encounters seen like this because it's a CCTV system and it's very, very good quality. This particular CCTV footage of a UFO was caught in the West midlands in the UK at 2:23am.

UFO caught on camera on a CCTV Doorbell System.

The above image was sent from the witness and owner of the doorbell CCTV privately to UFO Sightings Footage. It's actually a really good and "as clear as can be" encounter even though it was at night time.

It's literally a white streak so the image will only be of a white streak coming from the video no matter what filters etc used to clean up the image? But that actually tells us that this was travelling very fast. Is it travelling this fast so nobody sees it and that it doesn't get caught on any cameras where humans can see it "obviously" because like I say, this was caught really by chance (what a good eye).

If you look to the far right corner above the house "blink and you'll miss it" but it's there, definitely there and it's extremely fast! It's whizzing past like it's on a course, like it's on a pre-determined course going to somewhere or coming from somewhere?

It's a strange thing and as that can't be a bird as it's just way to fast it leaves a UFO. Unidentified Flying Object and it definitely is unidentified, it's obviously an object that's flying, no it's actually whizzing. I've slowed the video down so you can get a really good look at it.

Here's the video, you'll need to click the full screen button to see it proper:

So here we go, what do you think about this? I slowed the video down when it get's right near the time the object appears, it is a white streaking object in the top right corner. The owner of the video sent this to me through Facebook, I've not seen any

Source Julie Kidson Facebook.

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