Space Angel Caught On Camera Checking Out Atlantis Ejected Fuel Tank πŸ‘½πŸŒŸ✨πŸ‘Ύ✨πŸ‘½

This is something clearly there and it is clearly of Alien origins because it is not an Earthly animal, fish or basically it is not from Earth and it is definitely alive. This looks to me, like an Angel? It looks like an alive being, an alive entity and it looks like it's checking out the fuel tank of the Spacecraft Atlantis.

The astronaut that caught this "alien being" on camera tried to keep it out of the video frame and as soon as it was sighted in the video frame it looks like the astronaut attempts to rectify it by changing his point of view? I have no idea what this is "for definite" just like anyone reading this now?

The space Angel in relation to the Atlantis fuel tank.

Nobody but the thing itself and if you believe (like me) that this is an Alien entity then that mean's it takes two to tango so there's got to be more of these Extraterrestrials and if there isn't anymore based on a "two to tango" theory like humans reproduce this way, it could have a unique way or that?

There's so many things people would want to know if this space squid turns out to be real? Is it a space squid, octopus because recently some scientists have actually come out of the shadows and have theorised that octopus could be from space check out this site for the published papers.

An Alien entity encounter in space with Atlantis Shuttle.

One amazing post states that it's insane that Octopuses came from space, but is it really? Something else i just thought was that if this is the basic form of an Octopus the one in this image and after a few or many generations the Octopuses takes on an Earth "flavour"? It might be.

An Alien entity encounter in space with Atlantis Shuttle.

A total of 33 names are listed as authors on this review, which was published by Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. The journal is peer reviewed and fairly well cited. So it's not exactly small, or a niche pay-for-publish source.

What does this mean for science and for people? Is there anyone looking in to this and is NASA even acknowledging that this happened for starters? Then they need to look in to it as they won't look in to it if they think it is well, a likely good candidate for a conspiracy theory?

I know this was encountered a while ago but because there's just so much NASA anomalies it takes time to get round them all and look in to them all. Below is a really good Gif of an astronaut grappling with a space Octopus.

astronaut and an Octopus grappling in space GIF.

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