Huge UFO Motherships Near The Sun

Credits: NASA/Goddard/SDO

The huge UFO in the below NASA image looks like a guitar, what do you think? It's a weird and wonderful place is space as there seems to be an endless stream of UFOs coming out of nowhere but why are they been seen more and more? Is it because NASA telescopes are getting better and better.

Huge UFO visiting the Sun seen right near it.

Credits: NASA/Goddard/SDO

Here are some of the biggest UFOs ever caught on video. These are huge, Mothership type huge. I've got to say that when it comes to the Earthly size UFOs versus the Sun UFOs well, our so-called UFOs are puny. It is a mystery (obviously) why the size difference applies? Someone commented on the video that the UFOs would be as big if not bigger than the Earth, now that's big. That's why i';m calling them Mothership's.

Maybe it's because of our presence and the UFOs need to be small and fast whereas the UFOs at the Sun are huge and fast. The shapes are very funky looking also. Check these UFOs right next our Sun:

The UFO in this image is absolutely amazing and looks like a pitchfork.

Credits: NASA/Goddard/SDO

Here's a very good video showing various UFOs seen at or near our Sun. There is many people that believe these are nothing more than telescope malfunctions or gas, space rocks and debris? i'm not sure though because some of these massive "Mothership" type UFOs are just to intelligent looking like in the images and the video. What are these huge UFOs doing at our Sun.

Good job I have taken stills from the video because the video was taken down by YouTube which a lot of UFO channels are experiencing just like this video from Secureteam10 for instance - they had theirs taken down which was wrong in the first place. We have the stills so that's awesome.

Below is a Gif of the Moon passing in front of the Sun as seen through NASA's telescope which I thought was amazing and gives you a look at what it's actually meant for but sometimes the telescope catches "other" things that NASA would rather you not see, like all the images above have come from NASA and it's numerous expensive telescopes around the world and in space.

Credits: NASA/Goddard/SDO

Source Secureteam10 YouTube.
Source myunhauzen74 - НЛО возле Солнца.
Source NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory.

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