Jet Chases Down An Unknown UFO Over The US In A Fast Dogfight

Jet Chases Down An Unknown UFO Over The US In A Fast Dogfight

USAAF Jet chases a UFO in an aerial dog fight over the US.

USAAF Military Jet pursues a ufo in a high altitude dog fight! This is an amazing and very spectacular video showing that the US military can't be in control of the UFOs flying around in the skies? It also proves that the Alien's technology isn't all that better than the United States Air Force and the only real differences are the shapes? Even the colours at least in this video and images from the video shows that they are white, but that raises a question with me.

Is this an USAAF UFO because it is keeping up with the UFO and it's got the same colours as the UFO and visa versa. Then there's the question of power or speed which it looks like they are pretty evenly matched which is absolutely goes against what we already know about UFOs which can execute maneuvers the kind of which "defy the laws of physics". This UFO/unknown aircraft seems like it's got a man made engine or power plant powering it. There's the exhaust coming out of the UFO which means that there's combustion going on in the engine and that's weird. That's got me thinking that this could be:

The UFO or unknown aircraft been chased by a military jet.

Back engineered technology but with a Earthly made engine! Everything else in the UFO could be of Alien origins and the engine is man made, our only contribution to this "new threat". It really is a new threat because it's a hybrid force of largely unknown and known feared technology. Alien abductions took impressive tech, memory wiping, instant transport of people to the UFO, human experiments, microchips, force field, shields and other futuristic and very real technology.

All of that with larger applications could be seen as a major threat and a major contender for world domination with about a few hundred strategically placed around the world, well whoever does that OWNS THE WORLD! Take away the communications, take the person in control of them away but it doesn't matter as mind to mind is all that's needed. If you think that's far fetched then you're wrong, just look it up. Scientists and universities have been working on this stuff for many years with major success!

Close image up of the jet and the UFO over the US.

Please send us your UFO reports or strange encounters caught on video or in photographs. If you've got a story relating any strange or weird anomalies then please submit that aswell. Even if there's no images or videos that doesn't matter, your story and logging the event is what really matters and your piece of mind is also a big thing aswell, closure can be had for yourself? Some people have found closure which they thought they would never have and they got that closure through answers which we was able to provide them with through our amazing viewers.

Close up image of the jet following the unknown Alien craft.

People always chip in with similar and "surprisingly enough" some people have indeed got the exact same questions and stories because unbeknownst to them - there "was" actually another eyewitness but just on the other side of the city. They get talking and the next thing encounter they have is closure.

How spectacular is that, to know that they wasn't alone witnessing it or the only one that saw it and also they now know that they definitely wasn't going mad. That's what we can maybe provide you with? It has worked for others in the past. Reporting your UFO encounter(s) with us.

Source Ufosmagazing Instagram.

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