Russian Cosmonaut Videoed Old Satellite That Should Not Exist

Cosmonaut films an old satellite passing the ISS which makes everyone on Earth laugh out loud.

Here's something you might over look on any given day when you see photos of it - the self righting thrusters don't exist. And if you do look closely at this 60 year old satellite you'll see something very odd? It's still in it's original orbit!

Why is it "odd" I hear you ask?

Basically it was put into the current orbit 60 years ago and it's "supposedly" still in that specific orbit. But there's nothing to keep it in that original orbit around the Earth therefore that old satellite should not exist, it's an anomaly, it's not fitting into the picture that the public has of satellites which need thrusters to manoeuvre!

It's been in orbit around the Earth for decades and bloody decades after decades without anything to self right it. It should of fell off course a long, long time ago. That's by any standards, it should be off course and probably dived into the Indian ocean?

But yet there it is, still in orbit but without the abilities of staying on target, on course and all in low Earth orbit obviously in Earths gravity field otherwise it would of drifted off pretty much as soon as they put it in place. So I put it to anyone that this should not exist. It should of burned up in a ball of fire ages ago. Why is this old satellite still in orbit though on a real level?

It's got nothing on it or in it, that I can see to keep it from hurtling towards it's own doom? Unless and this is the big thing, "unless it's got secret technology" on board that keeps it from going off course or it's been kept on course with secret technology? If that is correct then this is huge because this old, like 60 years old.

Satellite without any thruster's for 60 years orbiting Earth but how has it kept in orbit without thruster's to aid it in making slight adjustments? That satellite shouldn't be there or am I the only one who thinks that satellites need some sort of ability to manoeuvre?

Russian Cosmonaut films an old satellite from the ISS but catches something else entirely.

The Russian Cosmonaut that filmed this is called Oleg Artemyev posted this on his Instagram account and it was received with laughter and a whole host of funny one liners because it literally and casually just passed by the International Space Station like it was twirling a cane and whistling a tune, lol. It passed the ISS really close aswell and that's probably why he was able to video the old satellite as they have debris detectors that would of told the Cosmonauts about any incoming potential threats?

Anyways, everybody was only fixating on the fact that it's 60 years old and looks like an old TV with wood effect or a washing machine and because of that I looked closer (don't know why) and I realised right there and then - that this satellite couldn't possibly exist as it's got nothing to keep it in orbit so what the hell is keeping it on course or make adjustments and stop it from falling back in to Earths strong gravity trap? It is in Earths gravity field right now as that's what keep's satellites from drifting away but also it's constantly pulling it back in to Earths atmosphere. So without any, it cannot exist.

Here's the really good (very intriguing) video that Oleg Artemyev videoed from the window of the International Space Station but he actually didn't realise he was filming something very unusual indeed.

Oleg Artemyev Лётчик-космонавт @roscosmosofficial. Бортинженер МКС(Test Cosmonaut Roscosmos, Russia. Flight Engineer ISS) #Exp39/40 #Exp55/56 Twitter, VK: @OlegMKS

Without any thruster's on any satellite in Earths orbit to make the adjustments it needs etc it will fall back in to Earths atmosphere and destroy itself. Not every satellite is the same but everyone orbiting Earth needs these it's as simple as that. The basics are all the same (thruster's) for all satellites which is why they have to have thruster's to manoeuvre it in to position.

With modern satellites executing hundreds of complicated computations every second is normal, which in turn makes many minute adjustments using the thruster's. Without "anything" to keep the 60 year old satellite in space and on track it just could not of lasted this long and especially still on target (so it seems) and still be on course, there's just no way what so ever.

RT news media outlet did a post about this story and here's a link to their post which even they only picked up on the people laughing at it on Instagram. Even they didn't pick up on this? Strange thing isn't it that this small thing went under the radar so easily.

Source OlegArtemyev Instagram.

The amazing video that Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev filmed of an old satellite.

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