Strange UFO Over Turkey Leaves Plane Passenger Baffled

Very strange UFO phenomena in the skies above Turkey.

Bizarre and unexplained phenomena above the world caught on camera only by chance in the atmosphere - it was seen by passengers on a plane. This is by far one of the weirdest pieces of UFO footage I've seen. It looks like a rocket at first then it shifts it's weird shape to an "out of control" rocket then it literally looks just like a black smoke flare? But what the hell is it?

Is it a plane, is it a rocket, is it an essy Jet? No it's bizarre sky phenomena that NASA would call "swamp gas" the likes of which has never been seen before! That's the most interesting part of researching Ufology is coming across something so unusual, non conforming, non standard, never been witnessed before and theres not one thing to compare it to for reference at all. So, if it's never been seen before, ever where do we look for answers? How do we start off researching and chasing down links to possible similar sightings? We don't, its stand alone. Its a one off bizarre phenomena that we must "hope" we either see or record again and hopefully we'll have more info next time? 

We think this is a new unusual sky phenomena, right? It just might be a whole new type of UFO, we just don't know as it's to early to say as yet. In the beginning there was one Flying Saucer event. The first Flying Saucer and then more came to light. Hopefully this follows the same pattern.

We need more peoples opinions on this, common sense and "if" there's anymore the same or similar type events that you've seen or recorded then please leave your comments below on this website? Share your knowledge, thoughts and opinions cheers guys.

Very strange UFO phenomena in the skies above Turkey.

I seriously don't know what this is, do you? Don't be shocked, lack of knowledge only means theres a great chance of finding something out that nobody knows and thats an exciting prospect. I think we can all agree that it's something strange? It has shape but then changes and because the clouds around it are not changing we can rule out gusts of strong wind.

It changes direction and it gets longer and longer as if it is stretching itself or tearing itself apart? What is this, please has anyone got any answers. Im stumped but confident that someone will be able to help and we'll get to the bottom of this. Here's the short piece of text that came with the video:

Footage of a strange object in the sky above the Turkish province of Izmir and the Aegean Sea was taken from a plane flying from Turkey to Greece March 2018.

I am convinced that this is something, but what? It has to be something right because it is going in different directions and "nothing" cannot travel in different directions or change direction for that matter, right? And at this time right now, it is unidentified and it is an object and yes it is definitely flying.

Just because it's not a "typical" UFO lookalike that flies around playing hide and seek, this does however tick all the boxes for highly unusual, strange, never before seen, flying erratically and pulling off manoeuvres that couldn't be done in any normal aircraft.

So that's why we're researching this because we just might be looking at something outstanding and brand new to Ufology? Considering this was sky phenomena caught on camera from a plane and above the clouds very recently only in March 2018, that's why we are posting to get answers.

Very strange UFO phenomena in the skies above Turkey.

Amazing footage shows the object changing directions.

Very strange UFO phenomena in the skies above Turkey.

Source ufo_ancient Instagram.

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