This Is The Proof That Ancient Aliens Visited Earth

An ancient spaceship with an ancient astronaut inside is undeniable proof of ancient Aliens.

That looks to me like a rocket, the heads missing but it's clearly a craft and someone inside it wearing a suit. That's proof in my eyes of ancient Aliens.

What does it take to convince people that ancient Aliens visited Earth, here's one example that Aliens interacted for that long the people of Earth could remember the types of crafts they used and in detail.

This is what the ancient people called "flying chariots" or a lightening bolt or a dragon breathing fire? They even called them Godly seats with trailing fire that hurt the eyes when looked at. They called them these unusual but very fitting names because they did not have any names for these out of the blue vehicles.

They didn't know what to call them so they looked around themselves and saw that our equivalent was a chariot or a seat or a mythical dragon (because it flew like that) so we get an ancient account of what today we call a Flying Saucer or a UFO or a spaceship.

We call them Aliens but the ancient peoples of Earth must of called them "God". They also called them Heavenly transport vessels or Sky Boats and yes Sky Chariots. They even went as far as calling them Angels with wings.

It was nothing but interpretation and seeing these beings with fire (always fire) coming from the sky chariots would look like an otherworldly Dragon. They even called them flying balls and orbs. Balls of light and yes Vimanas. I believe wholeheartedly that in ancient India something absolutely out of this world happened or was happening for a long time - which influenced their culture that much to the point where it is today? I believe the Vimana was real and that it was an ancient flying machine piloted by who or what I don't know but they had to be ancient astronauts.

Vimanas are the ancient Indian Chariots of the Heavens.

The Pushpaka vimana flying in the sky.

Vimāna (link here) are the mythological flying palaces or chariots described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. The Pushpaka Vimana of the king Ravana (who took it from Lord Kubera; Rama returned it to Kubera) is the most quoted example of a Vimana. Vimanas are also mentioned in Jain texts.

What to believe or believe in, is entirely up to you personally? All we can do is give you the information that is out there and show you what is being found and discovered plus talked about around the globe? There are going to obvious attempts at throwing spanners in the works by people looking to undermine real Alien and UFO disclosure. It's the reality of the beast as there are shadowy figures with interests that are often opposite to doing the right thing.

An ancient rocket of type with a man on it.

This being is riding some sort of craft. Is it a rocket? The artifact is from Peru and kept at Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú. link is here.

So with disclosure there will be disinformation and disclosure means just that, the disclosure of the truth which will always shine through in the end. The artefacts and the archaeological evidence can only speak for itself. Take away all scientific knowledge given to any artefacts and take the piece with which you personally see it, that is my recommendation.

I also recommend that you always keep an open mind and keep the faith aswell because the day that Aliens return (they've been here before) everyone with the faith will be vindicated and seen as not so foolish after all.

I have gathered up some resources so you can see for yourself where the basis for belief starts in many people as the start is usually found in what we see. Like the old saying goes "I'll believe it when I see it", well here's something for you to see for yourself and judge for yourself:

Here's evidence of Lizard people flying well, flying machines. These are actually flutes for music but the shapes of these are striking and look like flying machines. That's totally amazing and could actually represent that these Lizard people flew around on these types of vehicles? David Icke talks extensively about there been a hidden secret organisation of Lizard people who rule the world and are in all types of authoritative positions of rule.

Lizard people or Lizard hybrids flying vehicles and or machines that fly.

Lizard people or Lizard hybrids flying vehicles and or machines that fly.

The stone Flying Saucer (below) is apparently Mayan and it was supposed to be representing the Mayan Calendar from the Mexican authorities and the Mexican government released the piece just before 2012? I honestly do not know what to believe with this one as it's just a little bit to precise for my liking? It looks to much like an actual attempt at deceiving us or it could be an attempt at deceiving us but to strengthen what "they" think is real?

Here we have what can only be described as an ancient flying saucer would you agree.

They called them things like heavenly chariots and flying horses or flying carts and Dragons. You see they didn't have the vocabulary or words to call them or describe them, now we call them spaceships or shuttles or planes, helicopters and jets. But they tried to and so they left us their artwork to prove it as that was their best way of telling the future peoples that look, we was visited by Aliens and this is what they came in.

So keep and eye out for this type of "sky chariot" because this Alien is good or the Aliens in this particular flying machine are bad? Guys we need to keep and open mind seriously. most religions of the world have visitors from the Heavens or space so... Keep an open mind.

Ancient Egypt has some very interesting Hieroglyphics on their tomb walls showing an helicopter, submarine, tank.

An ancient astronaut with a spacesuit on.

An ancient piece of artwork with an obvious spaceship inside of it.

The images here are absolutely and stunningly out of this world with a cherry on top. The depictions here are absolutely and genuinely showing us Aliens. There's evidence enough for me that these are Alien in origins. What are your thoughts about these artefacts guys, please tell us your thoughts and opinions, cheers.

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