Inventions That Change Everything But Locked Away By The Illuminati

The Illuminati, the scourge of most civilised societies and inventions that should of been changing said societies for the better but instead locked away by the powerful elite mongrals. Why suck up to these parasotes when we can call them what they are? El Parasiticus parasite. These amazing inventions have been locked up, locked away and hidden away in places which don't exist (officially) for a long periods of time.

There's no telling of how much irreparable damage and lost lives, lost revenue, lost chances and lost opportunities for mankind to become better, stronger and more amazing than ever before.

World changing inventions deliberately hidden by the Illuminati.

I say this because once you see the video which is amazing you'll see why I say this? It has technology the likes of which are mind blowing and spectacular. The insulation of the egg is mind blowing. NASA could use this in space suits, outside of the shuttles, International Space Station and other applications.

The egg doesn't even get cooked. This is one of them inventions where everyone and their aunt could come up with something by using this amazing invention. The egg is submitted to exceptionally hot temperatures and why it doesn't cook I'll never know but it works and it is stunning. it could revolutionise space travel.

World changing inventions deliberately hidden by the Illuminati.

There's many, many applications that could revolutionise most sectors of well, everything? There's an unlimited practical use for all of these inventions so is that the reason why the Illuminati have locked these inventions away for a long time.

Or is there one invention among these that really separates itself away from the others because this is indeed world changing on a free basis? Like energy, food, clothing etc like the replicator on the science fiction TV show Star Trek? They walk up and ask for whatever food they want and it makes it.

World changing inventions deliberately hidden by the Illuminati.

If you notice it also makes the cup, the plate and the knives and forks so you never know if something like the replicator has been invented and believe me, instant materials showing up out of thin air would change everything, everything from here till forever would never be the same. The Star Trek TV show has indeed predicted many things that have come real.

Who knows what's been hidden away and filed in the "lost forever" section of the warehouse never to be seen or heard of again. It's sad, depressing and frustrating to know that these inventions could lift humanity out of many desperate situations.

World changing inventions deliberately hidden by the Illuminati.

Source Amplex YouTube.

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