Worldwide Escalation of UFO Cloud Phenomena What's Going On?

Massive cloud anomaly above the Philippines air space could be a UFO Mothership.

What's going on with this otherworldly cloud phenomena? I know it's escalating as I'm seeing more and more been posted through multiple Facebook groups and pages of people posting unbelievable "unnatural" cloud behaviour. Is it man-made or is it UFOs hiding in them?

The Philippines have some of the worst weather and some of the best ever UFO sightings. If you combine the two phenomena then what do you get? This is what you, get a huge UFO type "Mothership" hovering above the clouds whilst scattering the light.

It even looks like there's a ring going around the UFO with very bright white illuminations inside of it. With all the colors of the rainbow emanating from it, this has to be one of the more interesting UFO encounters in recent times just because of how much is going on here? Even the suns rays are actually shining up as if they are shining off a shiny or metallic surface.

Massive cloud anomaly above the Philippines air space could be a UFO Mothership.

My assertion is that this stealthy looking UFO Mothership is trying to camouflage itself (maybe) inside of the clouds or around the clouds but it's failing miserably as we can make it out easily enough.

The Express site had this to say about it:

Popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring (awesome guy) posted on his blog that an alien space ship was trying to camouflage itself in the clouds. The photo shows faint clouds with a rainbow light scattered through the atmosphere. However, conspiracy theorists are pointing to a large, circular but translucent object in the clouds which they believe is a UFO using a cloaking device.

There seems to be Flying Saucer definition to this "cloud anomaly".

Mr Waring says of the image, which was taken in General Santos, Philippines: “This awesome UFO was hiding above a cloud during sunset and for a few minutes the cloaked craft was visible to the naked eye.

“Such beautiful colors and notice the round disk edge of the craft. This looks to be at least 500 meters across.” The anonymous person who took the image and passed it onto the UFO hunter said: “Unfortunately, I had only one phone at hand, the ‘good’ HD Camera is currently defective. The colors were actually much more intense.”

However, other self-proclaimed experts believe this is not concrete proof that humanity is looking for in the search for extraterrestrials. Nigel Watson, creator of the UFO Investigations Handbook, said the light is simply a trick of the eye.

There seems to be Flying Saucer definition to this "cloud anomaly".

He said: “Spectacular footage of a sundown, giving a halo impact that may be interpreted as a flying saucer – properly by Scott Waring anyway! “I do not see the place he will get the estimated measurement of the ‘object’ as 500 meters throughout, without understanding the gap and measurement of the cloud. “Anyway it appears to be like good however tin foil hats can go on standby in the intervening time.”

The most likely explanation would be *apophenia – where the brain recognizes specific patterns in things. If someone has hinted something looks like a UFO for example, the brain will try to picture it in that way.

So I looked up the word "apophenia" and it is very, very degrading. I've included the meaning of this word below at the bottom of this page - according to the Google search term. It ends with the words psychotic people.

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Apophenia is the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena. The term was coined by German neurologist and psychiatrist Klaus Conrad (1905-1961). Conrad focused on the finding of abnormal meaning or significance in random experiences by psychotic people.

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  1. The amount of strange cloud anomalies that get sent to us is quite staggering! Not just a few, lots and lots of people have smartphones and clouds are above everyone so just use your imagination on how many people are catching these things. Many.


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