Ancient Aliens In And On Stone From Around The world

Ancient Alien carved in stone like a modern day keepsake.

Ancient Aliens are definitely in and on stones around the world. Humans have been using Alien technology to create stone walls and defenses, buildings and structures as there's many examples everywhere in the ancient world.

Below is a proposed Ancient Astronaut depicted in stone. It definitely looks like he or she is well on it's way to becoming an Ancient Astronaut.

Ancient carved stone of ancient astronaut.

With either Alien like symbols, artwork or depictions of Alien beings (what we would call Aliens in the modern day) it must be that these were created from living beings as they looked because they are so similar looking and plentiful.

There's many examples of Alien artifacts - like for instance the huge stone works at Cusco in Peru. The walls may have been actually liquefied and then solidified in to place. We actually have a post ready to go on this specific theory so when we do, come back and check this out also on this website?

The ancient historic cultures of the early world (not everywhere) but in some specific places on the planet must have had a significant and specific Alien purpose because we find very, very similar like stone carvings of Alien beings, large scale and small scale carvings all the time.

Stone that could of been made by Aliens.

Megaliths in Cusco, Peru. Some believe that we are at our most advanced as a civilization, but if you research the precision needed to construct some ancient structures you'll discover that we have actually lost a lot of knowledge through the years. How did people move these huge rocks without the kind of technology we have today? Slave labor is not a valid answer.

And even very personal stone works of which are depictions of either "favorite friends" like an Alien/human friendship trinket as a memory keepsake type souvenir  -or we what would recognize it as a photograph even a selfie in today's world.

That's a universal remembrance keepsake and souvenir. We do this to mark an occasion or we do this type of thing as in "remembrance of" or to look back on something or someone but in later times and to think of that specific moment. that's what I think some of these are?

Ancient paintings on walls of mountain Aliens.

Also we have this same image capturing process in marking events, occasions and to commemorate also to revere and to worship. We even have a form of taking a likeness of something - which has meaning or a meaning to someone specific, thing or place or represents a specific event(s) and carving it in stone is what they did like the way we do today.

Ancient Pyramid where humans may of worshiped the Sky Gods.

The Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza is also called "El Castillo". It is one of the most impressive buildings in the ancient world. Was this ancient Pyramid (seen all over the world) constructed but using advanced Alien technology, then was it used to worship the Sky Gods or Aliens and even sacrifice humans for the Gods and to the Gods? We might never know, but we might discover something that gives us the definitive answer.

Another Alien like depiction on stone a wall.

Ancient stone carvings came in all shapes and sizes but as it was carved in stone it was designed like that to make it last as long as possible so it can either teach people/Aliens alike, salute or just give a nod to so something or someone which had either a profound effect on the peoples or on something, someone or somewhere which had a significant impact and even an intricate design in something and was part of the beginning of something huge.

Like for instance Aliens coming down from the heavens above and making themselves known to the humans? That would definitely fit the Pyramids purpose and it certainly fits in with the myths and legends which surround these amazing places.

Below is an image that is widely accepted by alternative researchers and Ufologists as an Ancient Astronaut wall painting by our ancient ancestors. Is this actual evidence or is this just an ancient scribbling of an overactive mind? I think this could be an ancient equivalent of a photograph.

Ancient Astronauts probably did exist and probably did meet humans.

That's what I think these ancient artifacts are, Alien related carvings? We see this process everywhere, even on the Moon, Mars and other places we've sent things or where we've been to places in the universe and left stuff!

That's one cool thing to say.

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