Electric Blue UFO Going Through A Stargate

Alien UFO going through a portal over Denver air space.

This UFO is hovering above what I believe to be a suburb of Colorado and then it starts to blow some smoke from below it and lights up an electric blue "diamond shaped, time portal" or time warp if you like and goes through it.

It seems to rise through it instead of going forward through it as you'd expect a UFO to do so? But I suppose you can't judge something based on popular belief, can you?

Alien UFO going through a portal over Denver air space.

This has a lot of science fiction look and feel to it, but on the Tumblr blog called "Acidbabyviolet", there seems to be a lot of people liking it and re-blogging it?

The video, which was posted on the Facebook page “I’m From Denver”, claimed the flying object was spotted over southern Colorado.

Alien UFO going through a portal over Denver air space.

It shows an odd shaped cluster of lights rising before a diamond shaped portal opens in the night sky and then it disappears through it. If this is a true recording, the video would be one of the most compelling pieces of "UFO video evidence" of Alien activity. However, it has now been exposed as likely to be a fake and made by using CGI technology, but it's not conclusive?

Fact checking website investigated the release. In an article branding it fake, it said: "Because the page doesn’t say exactly where in southern Colorado the video was allegedly filmed, we can’t check with local authorities to verify whether residents actually saw something that looked extraterrestrial in the night sky and caused alarm. But "that" is hardly proof that the video is fake, in fact it's the WORST so-called investigation I've ever heard of in my entire life? Does that sound like an investigation on the video to you, lol?

Here's that exceptional stunning video, just keep an open mind:

Source Express.

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