Astronomer Films Huge Mothership - Also Ruins Are Seen On The Moon

Huge Moon anomaly where in two separate images we see a huge black hole.

When you know, you know right! The Moon is a extraordinary place brimming with life and it's not a myth that UFOs are real now so it deserves a better reputation than what the mainstream media would still have you believe in - that it's a lifeless and barren place.

We deserve the truth, we can't keep accepting the crud on offer from the "apparently" only people who have the right answers about the Moon i.e NASA. The evidence and proof is overwhelming and undeniable in all of it's glory.

The above image is a NASA image, you'll realise that nobody at NASA is willing to commit to the world history changing "turning point" for human understanding of the Universe because it is probably to radical for them.

Image Credit/NASA/Lunar Planetary Institute/Apollo/S. Waring

Here is another amazing discovery of what can only be described as a Mothership on the Moon because it's there in one image but the next time an image is taken in the same place it's simply not there?

So that would be because it's moving, it was thought that this was a hole on the Moon leading in to the inner Moon but as later research on the image coordinates shows it's either a huge door which is now closed and blended back in to the background or indeed it's a Mothership gliding across the Lunar surface.

Image showing the two different discrepancies on the Lunar surface.

It would make sense that this is the top part of the UFO that we would see if we looked at the Moon with a telescope as it could easily and nicely hide in any decent size crater or just stay in the dark side of the Moon. I do not know what it would look like in infrared (probably absolutely awesome).

This was first discovered by Scott C Waring of the hugely influential website UFO Sightings Daily. This guy discovers absolutely alsorts of really bizarre stuff.

He researches with a fine tooth-comb and he finds some interesting stuff. The link to his post is in the bottom here in the sources links.

Huge black hole or Mothership on the Moon.

In the beginning this was actually seen as a doorway in to the Moon which was where UFOs would probably enter and come out of, but as later images were looked at it became apparent that this in fact could be a UFO Mothership (it's big enough) as it wasn't in any later images.

So you can understand why opinions evolve and as information becomes available so to must theories. It's human nature to put an opinion on things that we see especially if we're trying to find answers. Personally I think this could be a UFO Mothership as it is there one minuet and gone the next. It could also be a very good or well hidden doorway? What do you think.

There are sometimes when we are presented with a pure anomaly and a puzzle? This is one of them times because these are Apollo images so it is very likely that NASA does know about this because of how old they are? The images however do not show anything other than what quite literally could be a space rock shadow? We just do not know.

There is evidence in the past of a huge black hole type circle that was actually filmed moving across the Moons surface and this could be just that? I'll put that video on which was actually done by

The below video shows video footage from April 29, 2007 when an Astronomer Alberto Mayer who lives in Busto Arisizio, Italy filmed this amazing anomaly and obvious UFO just flying over the Lunar surface. Aliens are definitely on the Moon.

Source Lunar And Planetary Institute Apollo Image Without Hole.
Source Lunar And Planetary Institute Apollo Image With Hole.
Source Scott waring YouTube.
Source Alberto Mayer.
Source Reference Alberto Mayer Site.

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