Silver Metallic UFO In The Shape Of Letter H Over Istanbul

The best silver metallic UFO ever over Istanbul.

Image Credit/ömer Tutar

Please do not write this off as a balloon. It's okay if you can't bring yourself to entertain this as a UFO, but if you do judge it and instantly decide it's not a UFO (technically it is) then where do you stop judging UFOs? When do you think something is a UFO? Common sense will only give you a nudge in the direction that your used to going, it won't point you in the direction of where the facts are because common sense is not scientific, it's just a feeling. If it does then it's a fluke.

So, be optimistic, open minded and take in other, different information that you are not used to dealing with like entertaining the idea that this H shaped "thing" is a UFO. It's not the final name of the Unidentified object but rather it's just a basic name which describes it. If you open up your mind to "anything is possible" - I promise you that you will become much more knowledgeable and happier in life.

Here is one of them exceptional UFOs that are just mesmerising. This UFO was caught on camera over Istanbul in Turkey and it was filmed on April 29th in 2018.

Obviously the translation in this post is exactly as it is on UFO Stalker case number 93823 and therefore I have not changed it and just left it how it is.

Istanbul UFOs are been seen at an alarming rate but why.

Image Credit/ömer Tutar

It's because I cannot change what the eyewitness has wrote so please understand this, thank you. It was actually reported in two languages one in English and the other in Turkish. I've kept both translations and added them straight from UFO Stalker so again, you get the testimony as it is and as it was wrote by the actual person who witnessed the UFO on the day.

This for me is an awesome sight, it looks amazing and has no visible signs of propulsion again, I seem to really like the ones that when you look at it you instantly think "how is that moving"? There is a common theme between the UFOs that really stand out and that is the unknown means of propulsion between them all?

There's a new wave of UFOs been seen over Turkey recently.

Image Credit/ömer Tutar

I've posted on these types of UFOs before and that is the common theme believe me. It doesn't have a propeller, jet engine or some sort of visible exhaust system and that's why it is a genuine UFO anomaly.

Close up image of the Turkish silver UFO.

Image Credit/ömer Tutar

4 ufo crossings over the sea in the east-west direction.

On april 29, 2018, as soon as i got to my house's terrace, i saw an object moving fast in the east-west direction and a rhythmic bright white light blinking. i suspected that it might be ufo and immediately took my camera in the room. but ufo was missing from the eye. but i could photograph the second and third frames. -3598 and ömer-3599 belong to the second. the photo of ümer-3600 is the third photo of ufo. then the fourth ufda pass is done in the same direction and in the same speed and the event is finished. i also took the 83 optical zoom with the nikon coolpix p900 machine.

29 nisan 2018 tarihinde evimin terasýna çýkar çýkmaz doðu batý yönünde hýzlý þekilde ilerleyen ve ritmik parlak beyaz ýþýk yanýp sönen bir cisim gördüm.Ufo olabileceðinden þüphelendim ve hemen odamdan fotoðraf makinemi aldým.Ancak ufo gözden kaybolmuþtu.Ancak ikinci ve üçüncü ufolarý fotoðtaflayabildim.Size gönderdiðim ömer-3598 ve ömer-3599 numaralý ufolar ikinciye aittir.Ömer-3600 numaralý fotoðraf üçüncü ufonun fotoðrafýdýr.Sonra dördüncü ufoda geçiþini ayný yön ve hizada ayný hýzda yapatý ve olay son buldu.Nikon coolpix p900 makine ile 83 optik zoom da çektim.

Sighting Specifics
Distance Over One Mile
Altitude 500 Feet Or Less
Features None
Flight Path Straight Line Path
Shape Other

Case 93823

Source UFO Stalker Case Number 93823.
Source Reference MUFON.
Source Reference Images ömer Tutar

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  1. Я думаю что это всего лишь испытания нового турецкого оружия

  2. We are not alone, more goes on than we are told.


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