Pilot Saw Clear UFO Hovering Over Hawke's Bay New Zealand πŸ‘½πŸ›Έ☃πŸ‘½

A strange UFO caught on camera at 2000 feet over Hawke's Bay in New Zealand.

Image Credit/© Tim Whittaker

Here's one of the weirdest and strangest looking UFOs that was caught on camera over Hawke's Bay in New Zealand. It resembles a Chicken that's ready for the oven? It resembles a torso of something and it's been speculated on quite a lot from Rhinoceroses to Hippopotamuses?

In fact it is the very definition of a real UFO because it is unidentified and it is flying and it's a definite object, so in the very sense of the word it's a real UFO. The way this looks is strange and tells me that this is likely identified wrong of as an Alien craft? But it is as of now a UFO because we don't know what it is.

Hawke's Bay UFO as seen by a pilot over New Zealand.

Image Credit/© Tim Whittaker

I don't think it is Alien in nature though and that's based on the shape and the lack of a video is telling me that this could be deliberately made to throw people a curve ball.

I'm never going to say that I can tell what a UFO looks like for sure because that in itself is a contradiction to the very sense of the word UFO. I can have a gut feeling about something, but not a weird innate ability. The hint is in the name, it's unidentified for a reason.

Because nobody can say for sure what is and what isn't, an Alien craft and to even think that I have in some way or another a special ability or power to be able to tell the difference between what is and what is not an Alien craft, well that would be very presumptuous of me and overstating my own abilities.

A very good image of a UFO from further away than the other image.

Image Credit/© Tim Whittaker

Nobody can or has that ability, it's just that simple.

Unless your an Alien yourself then it is what it is and again a gut feeling can easily be misidentified as a "definite fact" but believe me it's not as there's just no way it can.

Here is some research I discovered about this specific UFO sighting:

An unidentified flying object was spotted hovering above rural Hastings yesterday. A student pilot captured a shot of the mysterious object, which seemed rather indecisive about what direction it was going.

Freelance photographer Tim Whittaker posted the photos on his Facebook page and received plenty of suggestions about what the object might be, from a drone wearing a raincoat to an escaped roast turkey.

Hawke's Bay Aerodrome flight instructor Cassandra Jefferies said the object was first spotted at about 600m or 2000ft above the aerodrome and aircraft was sent up in an attempt to identify it.

"We snapped the photo while flying a Tomahawk plane, it was moving pretty quickly and the fact that it was windy didn't help. "The students who spotted it said they thought they saw flashing lights on the object.

Hawke's Bay area where the UFO was seen from the plane.

Image Credit/Wikipedia

"To me, it looked like a toy gorilla with a backpack on," she said. The student flyer claimed that at one point the object moved in one direction, then returned the same way it came before disappearing out of sight.

The image of the mystery object continued to cause plenty of creative speculation on social media - from a "floating blow up hippopotamus" to a "giant floating football helmet", or even "ET returning for more Reese's Pieces".

A police spokesperson said Eastern Police had not received any calls about the sighting. It's not the first time strange objects and fluorescent lights have been spotted in Hawke's Bay skies, with recorded sightings dating back to 1953.

Here's what Wikipedia say's about the area which looks like and amazing and very nice place.

Hawke's Bay Region (Māori: Te Matau-a-Māui) is a region of New Zealand on the east coast of the North Island. It is recognised on the world stage for its award-winning wines. Hawke's Bay Regional Council sits in the city of Napier.

It derives from Hawke's Bay which was named by Captain James Cook in honour of Admiral Edward Hawke who decisively defeated the French at the Battle of Quiberon Bay in 1759. Source Wikipedia.


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Source Reference Tim Whittaker Photography.

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