Silver UFO Spotted While Playing Basketball In Florida πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ€πŸ‘½

Silver UFO Frisbee or Flying saucer seen over a basketball in Florida.

Playing basketball should be a good time between friends and not be interrupted by an Alien intruder sporting a silver UFO and that are here and "intent" on getting in someone's photograph.

It seems that all Aliens are only intent is flooding social media with blurry, grainy and out of focus images.

Close up of a silver UFO, Flying saucer type Alien craft.

Well if that's part of a well armed Alien "elite Alien squad tactics" then I think that we will all be okay? Think about it, there's never been a documented Alien attack of any real noteworthy or from trusted sources, there's never been a documented battle, war or anything of the kind.

The reason why I have gone in this direction will become clear when I source reference the actual eye witness testimony - of which I haven't changed, edited to sound better or anything like that, it even includes the spelling mistakes.

It's all in the words of the actual eye witness (this is a crucial step in any researched story) to just leave it as it is. Included is the words straight from UFO Stalker. This is another amazing place where UFOs can be reported. It's got just the same archive as MUFON. This is case number #45272.

Here is another similar looking Silver "metallic" Flying Saucer from Denver to show that there are other amazing instances of silver looking Flying Disc's:

Here is a great Flying Saucer photo from way back in 1996 over Denver.

Detailed Description:

I was at wl park doing basketball around 11 am when 2 pool cleaners screamed hey look, i looked at what they were looking at and saw a silver frisbee object. the one guy said he watched it shoot backwards then stay still and thats when he screamed for his friend to look which is when it got my attn. i ran over and they tried to take pics and there cellphones werent working so i ran back and got my camera that was in the truck.

i just got back to a clearing by them when i zoomed in and took a picture, a second later it was gone it disappeared as if you stomped on a soda can to flatten it. after me and the pool cleaners talked about what we just saw and the picture on my camera wouldnt show up. when i putt the sd card in my computer when i got home it was there. ive been scared to come forward because of gov and other people. id like for someone to give me an answer ive been having bad headaches and trouble sleeping at night since. i also noticed black helicopters in the air that day.

all i know is that what me and the 2 others saw was not of this planet. if anyone wants too meet up and see the sd card with the original picture and pictures before and after please let me know.

Actually reported 9 days after the event in 2013.

Source UFO Stalker.
Source MUFON.
Source National UFO Center.

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