NASA Probe Photographs Trees On Mars

This is an image of a trees on Mars in NASA images.

Image Credit/NASA/HiRISE/MRO/LPL/U.Arizona.

A NASA probe has sent back photographs of what appears to be trees on the planet Mars surface. The definitely have a "grown look" to them.

I say them as there are lots of them in clusters and the Raw Image on NASA's website is mind blowing. Check this image out it's the official NASA image.

Real trees on Mars.

Here are images of trees on Mars.

Image Credit/NASA/HiRISE/MRO/LPL/U.Arizona.

It's a strange time for Ufology because of the weird things that are been found in NASA images of which have been there all along. This is definitely trees on Mars.

This is a crazy image showing trees on Mars.

Image Credit/NASA/HiRISE/MRO/LPL/U.Arizona.

Like this set of tree's on Mars which as everyone knows that life doesn't exist on Mars does it right. That's according to NASA but yet here we are day after day proving otherwise time and time again!

This can go on for day's "quite literally" showing you strange anomalies on Mars as the anomalies "are there" on Mars - but yet NASA would just rather keep saying that what we keep on uncovering is nothing more than a natural formation or a piece of the Rover or something like a meteor!

Below is the Raw Image from NASA:

The NASA official image showing trees in them.

Yes they do not use their imagination and come up with blinders, it's the most mundane, boring excuses that there could possibly have used but it's consistent and that's what they want.

They do not want over the top excuses because everyone can remember a "natural formation" excuse without even having any intelligence whatsoever. It tells me that it's a team effort with these excuses. NASA own images showing trees and life.

Images of trees on Mars from NASA archives.

Image Credit/NASA/HiRISE/MRO/LPL/U.Arizona.

The more boring the excuse that NASA comes up with depends on how many people worked on the problem? Seriously here is the actual explanation that NASA have given with this image of the day back in 2008 in April:


They might look like trees on Mars, but they're not. Groups of dark brown streaks have been photographed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on melting pinkish sand dunes covered with light frost. The above image was taken in 2008 April near the North Pole of Mars. At that time, dark sand on the interior of Martian sand dunes became more and more visible as the spring Sun melted the lighter carbon dioxide ice. When occurring near the top of a dune, dark sand may cascade down the dune leaving dark surface streaks - streaks that might appear at first to be trees standing in front of the lighter regions, but cast no shadows. Objects about 25 centimetres across are resolved on this image spanning about one kilometre.

Close up's of some parts of this image show billowing plumes indicating that the sand slides were occurring even when the image was being taken.

So, that was the actual "explanation" which comes with the image on the official NASA website! Can you even fathom that, lol. It is strange when they themselves are saying stuff like this on their website. It's an actual website "Image Of the Day" image which they chose, so go and figure that one, lol.

Source HiRISE, MRO, LPL, (U Arizona), NASA.
Source Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
Source RAW Image.


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