UFO Case That I Can't Make Sense of - But It's a UFO

MUFON Case Number 112703 is a genuine UFO sighting (maybe, hopefully, probably, it will be awesome if it is) because as far as I know SpaceX does not research or develop any of it's space technology or satellite technologies in or around Oshawa, Canada. That is why I am hoping someone can shed any sense or light on this?

Seriously, I'm frigging at my witts end with the UFO and Alien disclosure programmes because they're producing what? Not a damn thing! Give me a Gary McKinnon any day, show me the money Gary. The UK Government has already confirmed that it will not extradite your ass to the US, so come on already and release the Intel you supposedly saw.

Continues below;


Gary giving a first hand account doesn't cut it, and you knew whilst hacking that just saying what you saw wasn't going to cut it. Your not that dumb, which leads me to believe that you must of got solid evidence? If not, what a dumb move. Who's going to believe you "just on your say so? Especially in Ufology. Nobody is who.

Unless you did it just for your own mind sake... But then why do the press releases? Something doesn't quite add up there.

The UK government said no, they won't send you to the US, you can now release the information.

That's if it's true.


I could literally Google the hell out of this and tell you how Canada was formed, the areas weather, population, cloud cover on the 27th November and how many people was likely in that area on the day. Seriously, writing UFO posts for me is about just laying out the video, giving you my thoughts, opinions and ideas on what I think we're looking at. But it's not about that as far as I am concerned.

But is it a UFO or is it SpaceX - that's as easy as it gets for this post "hopefully"! Anyway, it was the hope that someone knows what we're looking at and sends us all the information? If I researched this to bejebuz and back, what would be the point of the post? I should post the video based on that then. But that's why Instagram exists right? 

This is a UFO blog which is why I'm asking for answers as well. Google can only give me so much information about a UFO caught on camera - right? But people who know more from local sources can share their insights with us directly and that's exactly why I don't just copy and paste straight from Google unlike lots of so-called UFO blogs do.

I think it works for everyone because lots of people can literally learn from the source, that's awesome.

Do you think it's another space venture testing another prototype in the area? It was caught on camera over Oshawa, Ontario, Canada on the 27th November, 2020.

There's no way it can be SpaceX (I think) because it's a clear area where it's blasted off from...

Image credit MUFON.

But it was reported to MUFON Case Number 112703. So what the hell is it? It's not just the person that filmed it that is confused but also (probably) everyone else that sees it.

Recently I've been trying to figure out a period of time because I'm not quite sure if I have experienced "loss of time"? Monday seems to be gone from my mind, memory, thoughts and when I try to explain what I mean it seems to come out garbled. I don't know if it is possible to lose a full day's memory or something like that naturally but for some reason I ain't got any memories of last Monday (4th January 2021).

So,what can it be? I'm going to Googley Shmoogley it right now, lol.

The UFO definitely is rotating.

I've just looked at the SpaceX Launch and landing control site. It's not what I thought it was? It's in the middle of nowhere (see image below) and Canada is not near where SpaceX launches from lol. The fact that it's on the MUFON website though and has been given a case number leads me to believe that it's not been looked into as yet or it's something of interest to MUFON. Or it's just a UFO reporting centre that accepts anything and everything from the public... Because it definitely looks like SpaceX to me!

Above is the actual SpaceX Launch and Landing Control Center which oversees the rocket launches.

It's a far cry from the place in the UFO video? Thought's on this are welcome...

Do after giving the video a once over, what's your best opinions on it? The guys reaction seems genuine to me. But then again anyone can put on a reaction nowadays.

All you need to do is watch a reaction video on YouTube and you can see that people have been faking reactions to the most stupid things for years so a reaction to a UFO is nothing.

Source MUFON.

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