300 Million Years Old Petrified Wheel Found in A Coal Mine in Russia

When is a wheel not a wheel? When it fundamentally changes the narrative of mankind's origins.

This is what the Government wants you to sign up to;

Even though you are definitely seeing a wheel, you must not admit that it's a wheel to anyone. The "right thing to do" you must laugh at anyone who says they see a wheel in this photo and you definitely have to make anyone feel silly for believing it is a "round wheel" similar to a modern-ish wheel. Otherwise if you don't say that then people may believe that you think it's a wheel.

Imagine that!

Did you know that there's a really good chance that everything we thought we knew about humanity is a lie? Did you know that? Did you know that there's tons of examples of history changing discoveries that are in the public domain but seems to go over everyone's head? 

Admittedly though a percentage of these "hidden in plain sight discoveries" are dependant on who's side of the story you believe or what evidence you actually believe but believe me, everything would change in an instant if you actually 100 percent understood the belief before you believed it.

Why for example would Gary McKinnon (hacked NASA computers) lie about what he saw?

Photo of the petrified wheel in the Donetsk Region coal mine in Russia.

If you understood that what he saw was real and why he did what he did then you'd probably have that epiphany which you've been working on for so long. I mean, that's why you've been looking right? To hopefully come across that one piece of UFO related evidence (or many pieces) or information that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt to you, that Aliens are on Earth, Aliens are real and the Government is complicit and have been in cahoots with Aliens for decades. You've been hoping to come across indisputable evidence for the existence of Aliens right? So, when are you going to settle on that evidence? Searching could go on for years!

Think about what you want answering and what boxes you want ticking before you commit to believing because it's not as straightforward as coming across a post with "Alien life exists". Every second post has that for a title so think about what you want answered beyond any shadow of a doubt, search for the answers and you'll have your undisputed answer and if anyone asks why you believe in Aliens, you can answer them with a list.

Where do I start, "why do I believe in Aliens?"

But, you could keep on surfing UFO videos and UFO photos hoping to come across "that one piece of evidence" that proves to you that Aliens exist, but I'm sure it would of happened by now. Figure out what you want answers to and research it.

Wheel inside coal mine in Russia.


Because this is not the first time something has threatened to change beliefs and ideas for everyone. In fact it's just one example of many in a strange and complex game of whack-a-mole. You go from one to the next time and time again.


"As soon as a new discovery threatens to throw into dispute or questions the established religion or beliefs surrounding the orthodox way of thinking" the establishment" and their rubber stamped version of history that's when the whack-a-mole game gets underway."


We've had a plethora of anomalies come up only for the standard, repetitive answers come out in force as if it was already primed for readiness.

The London Hammer, Ica Stones, Dinosaur and human coexistence found in ancient pottery depicted in ancient carvings, then there's the ancient paintings by world renowned artists who produced paintings depicted within are Flying Saucers.

Then there's the Japanese UFO called the Utsuro-bune, also Utsuro-fune, and Urobune, refers to an unknown object that allegedly washed ashore in 1803 in Hitachi province on the eastern coast of Japan.

I'm also referring to the many examples that I simply don't have enough room to write about. There's a lot of people that know what I mean by ancient history anomalies because there's tons of people who have written thousands of books, articles and stories so that means millions of people around the world know about hidden in plain sight evidence that people have been living on Earth for millions of years.

Excellent information of ancient civilization beyond understanding.

@ufosightingsfootage for Instagram or @ufosfootage on Twitter. Either way I have got over 1400 articles and posts that I have written. I believe it's over 1600 Instagram videos and photos showing undeniable and irrefutable evidence that UFOs exist. Seriously, it does not matter if this obe isn't real or that it's faked? Why, because there's that many examples of Alien activity on Earth caught on camera that one of them must be real. It only takes one UFO, one Alien sighting inside of a UFO or evidence from a whistleblower to make it all worth while.

I'm on Instagram as @ufosightingsfootage. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

This wheel is so old it's turned to stone.

Earth is probably but the first step in a long term story that will see humans on Mars, Pluto and definitely Enceladus. The more that time goes by, the more "important things" are going to change. Like religion, science, history, cloning, gene manipulation and food will all change because technology never seems to sleep.

Significant past events all have times and other data set out in mathematics. These significant times in our history are based on numbers (calendar dates, times of events and length of events including coordinates etc) so it stands to reason that the past has a definite mathematical code either repeatable number properties leading up to the day time-lines or the after time-lines but somewhere within a real time program is the event and next to it is the key that seems to always be there! The number crunching of the data must be dumbed down so we can have the basis for a probability outcome. It stands to reason that the future can be understood and controlled by examining the coded signatures within the past.

If not, then why does everything happen for a reason and if there's no such thing as a coincidence then that surely would mean that everything happens for a reason.

That's why I believe that the old saying of "to know the future one must examine the past first" is another of destinies hints.

I, and countless professors of mathematics agree that everything is numbers and codes.

The good wholesome and moral code of the civilised founders of the new world wouldn't have allowed anything like this because why share such a good thing.

Don't think past the last two thousand years because it's a dark, cold and unforgiving barbaric place settled in to the decaying, frost bitten and heathen cave men era. Basically, only the last two thousand years matter to any self-respecting, progressive gentleman. Yeah right so why does Adam and Eve have bellybuttons in all religious paintings if they was the first people. Their umbilical cord was connected to another human making it more people who came before Adam and Eve.

Okay enough of the NWO blind as a Bat, tripe. Here's the real "Reality" for the uninitiated, uninvited, undeserved, unacknowledged, unsupported, most marginalised people on Earth and it must be hard graft and very boring, straight forward and bloody painful so say the NWO.

That's not a law, it's the truth about reality.

The all being, the all seeing eye at the top of the Pyramid are the most powerful dynasties.

The manipulated people of the Earth have been taken care of since birth till death. By taken care of I mean tagged with a number, forced in to a 65/70 year turmoil and have a happy retirement of up to 20 years (if your super duper lucky) dependent on which country you are a part of and health?

YOU MUST believe in what you want to, choose to get up and go to bed when you want to. Eat what you want, sleep when you want to. Work for yourself, for someone else, leave and or go, stay and or travel, fly or walk. Walk bloody backwards to and from the zoo if you want to.

The animals will only laugh at you anyways because to them, WE are the ones paraded in front of them, for them to see and feel pity for. They're every whim and wants are taken care of from the minute they wake in the morning.

We the so-called free people are the ones in the zoo! The animals are forced to watch us act out a delusion of freedom and human rights.

"Please do not feed the animals" is a double sided sign in the zoo. It has a whole new meaning when they say it's so we cannot pass on any diseases...

Here's a written extract from the article that I am quoting;

I’d like to present a surprising finding of a "wheel" imprint made in sandstones of "Western" mine in Donetsk, Rostov region at a depth of 900 m from the surface while drilling the coking coal stratum J 3 "Sukhodolsky" in 2008. Photos of this finding and accompanying documents were sent to me by a reader of my site, mine foreman S. Kasatkin, who worked in the mine and visited the place of discovery for several times.

I exhibit pictures of the “wheel” imprint for public viewing as well as mr. Kasatkin’s letter texts revealing the circumstances, position in geological section and destiny of findings.

Unfortunately, author of the letters told me nothing about the coking coal stratum J 3 "Sukhodolsky" roof sandstones’ age. All the sections submitted by him are lithologic and say nothing about the rock age. This is a very common phenomenon in coal and other minerals’ production. Developers are interested only in rock itself, not its age. 

However, the age of containing the finding sandstone could be indirectly gauged knowing the fact that city of Donetsk, Rostov region is situated in the rock shield of Carboniferous age (360-300 million years ago), most likely of the Medium (middle) Carboniferous, and widely distributed here coking coals (that were developed when the finding was made) are also of Carboniferous age (mainly the Medium (middle) and Late Carboniferous). 

This could mean, and apparently means that the "wheel" got into rock more than 300 million years ago and subsequently imprinted in the base layer of the overlying sandstones (the "wheel" itself dissolved due to diagenesis as is often happens with fossil remains).

Source Reference.


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