Multiple UFOs Filmed With Night Vision Camera

This is one of the best UFO videos that is - in my book, showing undeniable and irrefutable evidence that UFOs exist.

And Aliens are active in the world and right above our heads - usually at night time. Night time is the perfect camouflage for any nefarious or nocturnal activity and that applies to UFOs as well, lol. Huffington post even did a news article on this which I've linked at the bottom of this post. It's literally just clicked over to the 4th August, 2022 it's Thursday and it's my birthday in a day or so. I'll tell you now, recently I was at the hospital and I had the camera down my throat, it's not good. I've talked to a few people but I've not told family. It's Barret's oesophagus, precursor to cancer. It blooming hurt's. It's black and white. I couldn't even look, I shut my eyes. This is why I've been posting a lot, keep my mind active and off from thinking about it. I looked it up, I had to stop, it's all doom and gloom. I'll carry on writing, till I can't. 🙏🏻

Wittenberg UFO incident happened while filming in night vision.

Image credit UFO Files tv YOUTUBE.

There's no written account of what was seen on the night that he was recording this over Wittenberg, Germany because the original person filming it is staying under the radar. Don't forget guys that this was filmed a long time ago and if the person filming it was going to come forward to be asked for more information on the day he filmed the event - he or she would have come forward already.

Sometimes I often think about what's flying over my head, has a UFO ever been around the area I live? It seems that everyone is seeing UFOs in the skies all except me! I actually wish just one day I see a UFO. Heck, I often read on Facebook that people would gladly be taken on board a Flying Saucer for real. That's regardless of what some stories say about the treatment of humans on board some UFO.

The question is this, was these 3 UFOs filmed on the same day (8th September 2013) anywhere else and if it has been recorded anywhere else in the world, where is that evidence?

Close up of the night vision UFO over Germany in 2013.

Triangle shape craft flying over Germany in 2013. Credit UFO Files TV YouTube. Please go and subscribe for some excellent perspectives on brilliant UFO videos.

I mean what's the chances that it was only filmed over Wittenberg in Germany just the once? Nobody else saw it which I don't believe for a moment?

I've always wanted to see a Flying Saucer or a UFO, but seriously I don't know what I'd do about it? Probably write about it and hopefully I'll be able to get a decent video of it.

In 2013 I was writing about ancient Aliens and UFOs in general, I didn't have any of the information that I now have, thing's have definitely changed and changed for the better in my opinion. We've had the UAP videos disclosure in 2017, 2019 and confirmed in 2022 by the Senate committee meeting. It's more transparency and the flow of information which has gotten better. And former Israeli government officials (recently retired) said that he isn't bothered about the repercussions of disclosing what he knows about Aliens here on planet Earth. See, I like the retired "I don't care what happens" attitude because you know that they've wanted to say it for year's! Them's the best UFO disclosure files you can get.

Please, go ahead and read the newspaper article, it's eye watering and good, lol 


Haim Eshed claimed that the American government had an “agreement” with a “galactic federation” of aliens, but Mr Trump would not reveal the truth – because “humanity is not ready”, he said in an interview with Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper.

He's of an age where "I've lived my life, I've got nothing to lose" and it's those that you need to read or watch but if you can, listen to them speak! It's an eye opener, the opinions easily flow from people who are in the "let what will be, be" attitude. That's a good thing, it's a shame that he didn't stand up to the Government goons earlier but I think having a portion of the cake is better than looking at the cake on the floor so-to-speak.

He's talking about the Galactic Federation. He's definitely in the know, he's a highly influential person. He was head of the Israeli Space Program. Trump was told not to tell the world about Aliens watching Earth and stop releasing UFO videos of their drones in operation. Apparently Trump had Tweets intercepted and deleted also other strange things discovered that was done by the Galactic Federation.

@ufosightingsfootage is on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Twitter (@ufosfootage) is a great place for UFO enthusiast's to be on the front line of real time disclosure before it gets deleted.

Here's a few words from a news article that I found regarding this very interesting UFO story;

"The video has signs of night vision fakery," according to former FBI special agent Ben Hansen. "It looks like they added a night vision video effect with a green tint and even some 'grainy noise' -- the sparkling pixels which are common when night vision is shot in near complete darkness."

I've written thousands of news articles and blog posts but I've only ever written just a couple of night vision camer evidence of Alien activity on Earth. It's only been recently that people have started to use this awesome piece of equipment. In 2019 the release of the UFO videos came with text that said "when the pilots giving chase in their Jets turned off the Infrared cameras they could not see the UFO".

Night vision cameras use Infrared to help see what is there in the dark. Or, like the pilots on that day of filming (the day that changed everything for the Air force) he must of known something that we don't because why else would he be filming in Infrared during the day?

Here's the Wittenberg, Germany UFO filmed in night vision;

I want all your opinions, I seriously want your expert answers on this video. I know for a fact that you guys can check out the video for hoaxes, photoshop stunts and perplexing fakes because it's a great way to show off your unrivalled expertise in figuring out the videos validation. If it's a valid or real video then that's super cool, dope as they say in the US. I'll settle for excellent work guys. Please leave the world your expert opinions and let's solve the problem here, is it real or is it fake? But also give details to back up your claim.

Source Huffpost.

Source YouTube.

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