Flying Saucers Etched Into Silver Temple in Thailand

Okay, this is why I love Ufology because it's never as straightforward as people would like it to be.

It pays off to check out "anything" that seems odd or strange on top of the already strange! i.e take this prime example for instance. A Flying Saucer carved into a Buddhist Temple and the residing Monk there doesn't even know anything about the Flying Saucers carved into his temple! Does that seem as a bit odd, a bit strange to you?

You want to believe in, just remember that.

The outcome is always either stupid, perplexing or something else entirely different like a deliberate hoax or a twisted story and then there's the totally unknown entity. Usually it's anything else that I DID NOT think of been the outcome. I must admit that I did get a massive feeling of hope when I first saw this post. I enjoy the twists and turns sometimes but not always. But on the other hand, I just want straight answers...

Therein lies the twist's and turns.

Anyways, here's the very intriguing story;

The travel writer who discovered these Flying Saucers is absolutely brilliant at writing, I wish I had half the skills he does. Please check out his fantastic travel blog, it's really good.

The Buddhist Temple doesn't permit women to enter the Temple at all, not even one. I kid you not! And, Phrawin dismissed DHB's question about the exclusion of women and said it's an old tradition going back to an earlier time when women would apparently (by their presence) may deteriorate the Holy relics within the temple. All because of an apparent vandalism incident that occurred 700 years ago.

Finding the truth about about Aliens.

From who though, NASA? How do I get it and after all this time of saying nothing about Aliens do you really think that we're going to be told the truth by the Government, NASA, science, history?

Image credit: David Hunter Bishop. 

You must go and check out the post here and you will get a really good sense of what is going on here.

Right, enough of my guff and let's get straight back to the point of why I brought you down here. I come across a few photos of Flying Saucers that was taken inside a temple in Thailand with honest to God Alien looking entities in them.

And that's straight up.

I started thinking there's no way it can be ignored or "how can I keep scrolling after seeing these" people need to see it. After reading the accompanying written article I started to have my own doubts because the guy who wrote the post actually asked the Monk in the Silver Temple about the "Flying Saucers" etched into the floors of the Temple itself? 

The host of the Buddhist temple is called Phrawin, aged 25 and from Myanmar - he didn't even know what David Hunter Bishop was on about or even where the Flying Saucers was in the temple when he was asked about the Flying Saucers! That's super strange and the answer he did eventually give DHB was very naive and it is a throw back to an earlier time when early people were trying to put a name to the UFOs they were seeing.

They are boats, he answered.

Image Credit: David Hunter Bishop.

But this one kinda straddles, "hope and possibility" that it's real, "disbelief" and possibly the world changing people's Temple of Aliens that definitely did exist as here is the defining and ultimate proof. But as it turns out, the renovations done 20 or so years ago by Russian and American "restorers" or even pranksters and defiling a Buddhist temple without the obvious knowledge of the Monks there is tantamount to sacrilege.

It's easy to point the finger and say you shouldn't of done that but it's not even set in stone that these restorers did it and that adds to the mystery.

So, if you read David Hunter Bishop's awesome blog, you can make up your own mind. Do you believe it was carved into the temple when it had restoration done 20 years ago or have they been there all along? There's a lot more photos of the Silver Temple in Thailand, check out the link marked reference just below, cheers.

Credit David Hunter Bishop dot com

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  1. Why in the hell is Indian ocean written in ENGLISH ???

  2. The temple link says this decoration was added in or since 2008. It is not ancient or Thai and does not claim to be.


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