ISS UFO Is Anyone At NASA Watching This Live Feed

ISS UFO Is Anyone At NASA Watching This Live Feed

It's beyond stupid, it's absolutely gone straight past moronic, don't go past go and don't collect $200.

Live recording of a silver UFO passing  by the International Space Station.

Credit: NASA.

And if your thinking what's that got to do with a UFO flying past the ISS, it's got everything to do with it...

We see here a silver metallic UFO flying past the ISS camera.

Credit: NASA, which is obvious right! Well, I suppose it's how one looks at it lol.

Here we are again, dejavu time. And quite frankly I'm super tired of this stupid game of UFO versus NASA staying stum. This UFO was caught on NASA's cameras but nothing ever comes of it. So, here's how this is going to go down.

Let's go all Nostradamus and try to predict the outcome of this UFO sighting on the ISS cameras. We post it and highlight it, they deny it and then it's wash, rinse and repeat.

I guarantee you that this is the only way that this ends.

Every single stupid time!

Einstein said that the definition of insanity is continuously doing the bloody same thing every single time but expecting different results. It was something along those lines and yet again, here we "stupid" are pointing out another stupid UFO to stupid NASA expecting different stupid results.

I'm not making a difference. I'm not in a fight with the truth, I'm not having aha moments and I certainly haven't changed anything! I'm not feeling sorry for myself I'm just facing reality.

It's not funny, it's retarded and that is a fact. I post these things expecting different results so technically I'm insane. I must be, right because I truly expect that NASA will one day have the guts and the minerals to stand up there and say yes, Aliens exist! The proof is undeniable and that's only based on NASA related videos and images. Ironic, huh!

We now know for a certain definite that UFOs aren't of this Earth because the US Navy and the US Department of Defense have extensively looked into this and they are not, I repeat "they are not" another countries secret technology and that was clearly pointed out when they released the 3 UFO videos.

Extra opinion:

If the 3 UFOs released in the declassified videos actually was another countries top secret and advanced research including technology - then surely wouldn't the US Government keep all that to themselves? Of course they would!

Having the upper hand so-to-speak would absolutely help them? Knowing such information about another possible enemy would stand you in good stead and would allow you to match and if not, probably outdo them because you have their top secret knowledge. It's called having the upper hand.

So why release that? Why tip your hand, why show all your cards...

Because it's not another countries top secret knowledge and is in fact Alien technology. So, again we come full circle and I ask again, why is NASA treating us all like idiots? We already have full UFO disclosure called UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), so stop with the blatant cover up's.

Inaction is just as bad if not worse than action as NASA knowing about Aliens and these silver metallic UFOs flying past the ISS but doing nothing, well that is worse in my view. 100 times worse, wouldn't you agree?

because UFOs are real.

Here's the YouTube video, enjoy:

Source NASA.

Source Mundo Curioso YouTube.


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