Fleet of Flying Saucers Filmed Over Egypt in 2015

There's many times I've seen this and instantly written it off as a load of rubbish, but I decided to look into this and I want your opinions and knowledge.

Three Flying Saucers travelling just over Egyptian city and it's only been filmed once, suspicious. The fact that the "student" is anonymous but yet, he's definitely a student is tantalizing and yet deliberately inserted into the narrative to add credibility to the video.

Real Flying Saucers are supposedly filmed over Cairo in Egypt

Hence, I believe that this UFO video is a fake and it's done by someone who knows how to manipulate not only graphics but people too. It's either that or it points to one or more people involved in this deliberate hoax.

I don't believe it's motivated by money, I believe it's something else. Publicity maybe? It could even be part of a reconstruction to help tell of an earlier story by an eye witness...

Here's the YouTube video quote:

This incredible Alien UFO fleet caught on tape by unknown Egyptian student, The tape shows a fleet of three flying UFOS over Cairo city on 28 September 2015. WARNING: This Footage is claimed to be the most shocking one ! It's up to you to decide if this footage is real or fake.

That's the description which is with the video on YouTube which isn't very descriptive or helpful either. But, I'm sure it's helped you determine it's authenticity?

The above arguments/opinions are all plausible, definitely possibilities as to why this exists, but the other side to this is that this might of been highjacked by "the news outlets" and tried to be passed off as a real Alien UFO sighting because of the lack of information on this, it is all speculation hence it can't be proved either way so let's bag it, tag it as real Alien footage caught on camera!

It is all unproven speculation, because if I was to say that this is an underground drone competition where the winner is the one with the most uploads of eye witnesses seeing UFOs, well it's kinda believable but there's nothing to say it is not - so that's my point!

Here's the YouTube video:

If it looks to good to be true, more often than not, it is.

Like the next UFO explorer of evidence, like the next Flying Saucer curious person looking for that bit of filmed evidence that says definitively that "UFOs are real", just like all the other people with a need to know there's something more to life, there's more to everything.

I won't stop believing in the unknown because like everything that ever existed, proof of the unknown does exist. It's bringing it together to make it known.

Credit Egyptoon إيجيبتون YouTube.

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