New Photo/Video of The Black Knight Satellite UFO

Here's possibly the best ever evidence that shows us the Black Knight Satellite UFO.

This is as it looked on the day the ISS nearly crashed into it.

That day was December 4th in 1998 and it was launch STS 88 and it was Shuttle Endeavours first time visiting the International Space Station (ISS).

Here's the better evidence of the BKSUFO because this one can be traced back to the Endeavour Shuttle on the 4th December, 1998 which is what's been missing from all the news articles.


Credit: NASA

By far this photo in the video right here, is really detailed as far as the Black Knight Satellite goes and looking at it from another angle that I didn't see before when I wrote my other news article, but what makes this amazing is that it's seeing the BKSU from a new and more sinister angle.

It's actually coming up and out of the darkness of space which is scary. It's hiding almost, in the shadows looking very menacing.

That's the feeling I get when I see this new photo.

Here's the story put out by the ESA/NASA:

On December the 5th, the Endeavor had to make an emergency avoidance maneuver to avoid hitting a Delta 11 rocket casing...

Just like what Paranormal TV wrote in this amazing video "rocket, casing, wowforreal!"

There's no casing, there's no rocket and even if there was a rocket and casing even I know it shouldn't be there in space because as you may know, no weapons are allowed in space.

So, yet again NASA's caught in another web of deceitful lies. I mean, they're looking for Aliens right, but it seems that only the right sort of Alien will do? If the Aliens are intelligent, then they will not tell the world for fear of panicking and losing control. Do you think that the people of Earth would say "they're going to attack us" so let's go loot, riot and cause chaos etc...

But, if it's bacteria on the outside of the ISS on say a window then that's OK because it's not a threat, but it's life other than here on Earth and so they can then tick the box where it says Alien life "technically" discovered in space.

Here's the eye opening video;

NASA's hopes;

Hopefully the people will then move along as there's nothing to see here and believe that life exists in space, but it's dumb, it's not a threat and it's harmless.

Credit Paranormal TV YouTube.

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