2 UFOs Recorded During SpaceX Dragon Launch

This video contains the parts of the SpaceX Dragon Rocket launch video - which NASA supposedly edited and removed because of 2 UFOs in the distance and clear as day, even though it is a SpaceX Rocket launch?

Two UFOs filmed live during the SpaceX Dragon rocket launch.

Credit SpaceX - NASA

That's what it says on the YouTube video description... Also, check out this link because that shows another triangle shape craft near the SpaceX Dragon Capsule.

So, I'm not sure what it means but I do know that SpaceX and NASA are very separate entities! They do work on the same things sometimes and it's usually the ISS resupply.

Unless NASA is in charge of the multimedia departments of both SpaceX and NASA then why is SpaceX (Elon Musk CEO) allowing NASA engineers to edit the video and take out the part of the rocket launch which shows us all ufos? I hope they (NASA) are not showing SpaceX how to cover up UFO sightings because that's exactly what it looks like, right?

Unless, NASA was involved because SpaceX was going to the ISS in a resupply mission and therefore they have a legitimate editorial agreement in place then we will have to get used to Elon's SpaceX, following NASA down the covering up hole.

It's sad, very sad because we can clearly see the UFOs in the video and it's nothing to do with the Dragon Rocket because as you can see, the UFOs are flying in and out of the clouds so fast that these are definitely not aircraft.

Here's the cracking video, by MP3Nice YouTube.

Credit MP3Nice YouTube.

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