Gordon Cooper Chased A Formation of UFOs Over Germany

Set the scene, Gordon Cooper (yes, the future astronaut) was in training when he had to peel off from the normal manoeuvres because he and his pilot buddies were flying and chased a large formation of round, silver, metallic looking crafts or "UFOs" with his squadron of epic fighter pilots. 

Gordon Cooper Chased A UFO

This is from Gordon Coopers own mouth! It's not interpretation, it's not second hand information, it's not attributed to him and it's certainly not a hoax.

This very interesting video (below) will clarify the whole story. It's the man himself.

In 1951 he was training over Germany (flying as high as they could) and that's when they gave chase, they could not keep up, they was out performing the Jets. They also imitated the fighter Jets, move for move suggesting they where deliberately attracting their attention. 

Astronaut Gordon Cooper in 1951

This would suggest that they (the brains behind the UFOs) have a pre set of signs, ways of communicating with other Alien lifeforms. Have they interacted with other lifeforms?

Are we their first Alien encounter, are we their first intelligent Alien encounter?

Did they originate through evolution, experiment or something else entirely different?

Was they toying with us. If you mess with one human being then you mess with us all, period!

What happened after that encounter?

These are legitimate questions because all you have to do is look at Gordon Cooper and know that he's telling the truth. Therefore guys, omg - Aliens are real and on Earth.

Gordon Cooper astronaut, Chased a formation of UFOs with his fighter jet buddies over Germany in 1951. Here's his own words from himself:

There's no way it stopped there and after the chase they all went home, had elevenses and a few biscuits.

I bet you they are now in full interaction (Government's) with us humans and their guys (Alien representatives) and are on first name terms with our guys. Would that surprise you? What's your best opinions on this amazing UFO story. Credit Gordon Cooper, NASA, Instagram, UFO News YouTube channel.

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