NASA is Blatantly Covering Up Silver Disk In Apollo Images

NASA is probably the epitome of all things space related, all things trusted and scientific and also analytical in processes which determine how we can travel in space safely.

I'm outlining their basic reason for existing because of the next blatant cover up of what is considered by some to be the best UFO incident that ever happened (not just during the Apollo missions).

Credit NASA

I kid you not, this following quote is directly from the NASA website (link at the bottom of the page):

"Some very bright people recently worked hard to analyze that footage. Their conclusion was that the object wasn't at all what some observers thought it seemed to be"

I'm still a bit stunned with their announcement regarding the Disk object. "Some very bright people" hmmm! 

They basically looked at the image and said it's a reflection. How the bloody hell is that working hard? Even if they zoomed into the image or printed off a copy - how the blazes can they claim it as hard work by some very bright people, lol.

Even I can use an app to put the image through a filter, manipulate the image enough until it shows what I want it to show you! Do they think that we are dumb? Seriously, distorting an image from the original UFO image then saying "look, the image is different to the original one" is not very bright. In fact, it's retarded. It's not a Capsule boom. That was their finding.

Credit NASA.

If I had a fake Mona Lisa painting and I added a moustache to the face and said "see, I told you it was fake" and then say I'm very bright, because I just proved the painting to be a fake, you'd probably laugh till the end of the week.

That is EXACTLY what NASA's done with the image. It is exactly what they've done. They've changed the image until it fit's their narrative.

End of, I absolutely find that the attempt by NASA to blag the public with a tampered image, and admit it - is laughable and contemptuous, also it strengthens the case of there been a real Disk in the Apollo image.

Also, I'm laughing because my friend said I sound like a judge! 😜

Source NASA

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