Photo Of Real Alien Posted To 4Chan

Right then, I was having a look through some Reddit posts regarding UFOs and Aliens, Pentagon leaks and ancient Aliens also.

I came across a post about a guy who posted an apparently top secret photo or photos of a couple of slides taken (probably in secret) of what looks like an Alien but from a long time ago?

It's not like anything you've seen!

Source Kingskywolf Reddit.

Source 4Chan

It's got a bit of writing posted with the photo on Reddit which reads:

So, this slide was posted on 4chan pol board claiming to be a leak from the Pentagon 2 nights ago by someone “on the inside”. Reverse image sites come back with no previous results anywhere on the internet. The thread rapidly was archived.

Credit Kingskywolf Reddit.

Just a quick update on Sol 688 Bird on Mars. It was found by Streetcap1 and guys, it's a UFO and don't let the people who say it is not a UFO or that it's been debunked because it has not been debunked or identified at all and that's a fact!

Mars, the ultimate Alien destination and place in the universe where life probably existed but not now, or is it?

These images would suggest otherwise...

Credit NASA.

It's a UFO, it's still unidentified and it's on Mars. Unless someone has been to Mars or has admitted to throwing something up in the air on Mars lol then it's not going to be debunked! Why? Because it's in NASA's official photos on their media archives.

Source NASA.

Source Pinterest.

Credit Streetcap1. 

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