Meteorite Releases UFO Orb Which Flies Away and Upwards

I've just come across this epic UFO encounter with a white Meteorite Mothership detaching a white UFO Orb but with an interesting difference to it.

One carried on in the same direction and the other turned off and went the other way, the way it came. This is not possible, nothing from space (I presume it is from space) can double back on itself under some form of energy. But, that's exactly what we see happening in the video.

The first thing I thought about this was that this is a meteorite and yeah it looks great, it looks like a meteorite for sure because it's leaving a trail, but this is leaving a great wake of smoke... And that's definitely not what meteorites leave in their wake! This ain't Hollywood, this is real life "the boring variety".

Meteorite releases UFO Orb which flies away and upwards that title really does capture the whole feeling, the literal and the only way to explain what is happening in this video. Okay, the information is sparse but this happened and because of that, we've got to write about it. Even if it turns out to be faked, at least we have given our honest opinion about what we have seen in the video.

Date of sighting: December 17th, 2017 in California, US. Image credit David Carlson.

Suddenly and without any indication or warning that it's starting to fall apart (the Mothership) or it's other half as it looks like it's breaking into two different parts or pieces, we see a UFO Orb peel away from the main "Mothership". And yes, that's absolutely what it has now become because (I'm guessing) it's bigger than the part that came away from the original piece.

That's because "and here's the key part of this UFO Mothership encounter" the now peeled off UFO doesn't fall, start to fall away or continue forwards in the direction which it's original craft is still going in.

But, instead of the Earth's gravity starting to take effect on the 2nd object or the forward momentum from the Mothership taking over the controls of the 2nd object (which it should) the object should now be travelling forward.

It actually and very deliberately plus defiantly starts to ignore the rules of physics and flies away from the original craft and starts to climb upwards and backwards, away from the original craft which it also looks like it's accelerating?

None of what we're seeing should be happening except for the meteorite itself and even that has a strange color which is usually different is all I can say about that.


Image credit David Carlson.

Here's the writing which was with the video:

Something crashing on December 17, 2017 California. No-one has yet solved this incident. Some say it was an airplane, meteorite and some say a satellite was crashing. Way to slow for a meteorite. After a lot of research, I discovered there was a near Earth asteroid on this date.

The links I had for that event are not working Perhaps to cover this incident up? I mean really, if you are NASA, how would you explain this? This asteroid was going to hit our planet and and ET used their ships resources to deter it from impact and then went back to space.

Now that, that is absolutely totally different to what I thought was going on and believe me, it's a very good way to look at this UFO incident. Thanks for the very insightful theory and I'm actually coming round to this possibility because I think it fits the picture.

What else could it be?

Here's the epic video of the meteorite releasing a UFO Orb which then flies in the opposite direction but upwards.

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I did spot though, I spotted what I thought looks like a white square on and over the UFO which peels off - that could indicate that a copy and paste could have been used there to place the UFO into the video? I'm not sure if it's the case because I don't have any experience with how that's done?

Anyways, whatever the case, this is well worth keeping in mind and keeping an eye on it for updates and we'll share them as we get any.

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Credit: David: Carlson Facebook.
Video Credit: UFO News YouTube channel, David Carlson.

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