Crater At Area 51 Exposes Huge Underground Facilities

Area 51 crater reveals a hidden facilities installations network of pipelines and other underground structures that would have never been discovered by anyone if not for this strange crater.

The best place for information on Area 51 has always been in the Google maps archives and as it allows us to literally bypass the many road blocks and dead end roads which leads to the physical location where anyone can keep an eye on the development of Area 51.


Through the years via the updates on Google maps and Google Earth we've seen numerous changes and developments so because we haven't seen anything relating to tunnels, this is kind of a big deal.

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It proves albeit in a small way, but it proves that tunnels have been created there.

Google Earth and Maps is great because you can literally see whats there without going there (obviously) but it only allows us to zoom in to a specific height. Is it the equivalent of the same distance from the road blocks to the building and Is it the same distance indeed zoomed out going up?

I bet you people have been arguing about this distance issues for a while? They would wouldn’t they because this zooming in is basically circumnavigation of Area 51’s security.


Their secret building has been exposed for all to see and things that was normal there are now impossible.

Underground secret bases are not a new thing but this crater and pipe is a new thing.

The pipe is huge and it is vertical. The diameter is probably huge and it looks like it goes down a very long way.

If it’s an air ventilation system then it is supplying air to a large underground space or a large open place?


It’s amazing that people have said there’s an underground base there but never really had any proof except for some underground tunnels with secret highways coming off from one another. But this is like the icing on the cake!

  • The mind boggles as to what this is connected to?
  • How was the crater formed?
  • What is the purpose for this crater?
  • Why Is there other cables and other stuff there?

It’s vindication for a lot of people that have said in the past that there’s underground facilities and large open areas under the secretive area.

We all know what goes on at Area 51, everyone is aware. We all need to see this crater and the huge pipe that is protruding from the ground at what seems like the middle of nowhere. Someone knows what exactly this type of pipe is used for?


We Just Found Something Underneath Area 51.
Express OnlineA bizarre crater appeared on Google Earth earlier this week close to Area 51 and appears man-made with a strange tower emerging out of the huge ditch. The incredible discovery was revealed by Blake and Brett Cousins - of YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon - who captioned the footage: "We Found Something Underneath Area 51." In the footage, a large, thin object can be seen poking out of the middle of a large circular hole in the ground.

Cheers for reading this and if you can, share this with your friends and then we’ll get some answers as to what is going on there at Area 51.


Thirdphaseofmoon (love them or hate them) have brought a lot of decent information to the world which is undeniable and aren't afraid to be who they are and ask questions on most UFO related videos and photos? No matter what, they will ask questions and so will I.

Source Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube.
Source Express Online.

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