UFO Caught Refuelling At The Sun And It's Epic

Massive Jupiter sized UFO recorded flying straight at the Sun. This is an unprecedented and documented, planet sized UFO which makes everything we've seen so far little more than an insignificant drone.

It comes in at the top of the screen then it makes an adjustment, then it turns away and exits the Sun.

That's an insane maneuver. 

It's not dead pixels because pixels don't change direction when they aren't working.

It's not an anomaly with the SOHO lab data at all. The SOHO device managed to capture unique pictures, according to Western media this is a very bizarre video. Special cameras where used to record a huge UFO that collided with the sun (our sun).


According to experts, the UFO was racing at a huge speed near the star. The unknown object was gigantic in size and collided with its surface, which caused a strong flash of light.

In the pictures, the specialists examined transparent objects in the form of rings. According to one version, the aliens can use the ships in order to "refuel" with energy. This makes sense because they cannot just pull up at a gas station and pick up the gas pump. It must be a means of refuelling that utilises the outer surface of the craft? But it's not a definitive answer just an observation based on logic which is gained from what we can see.

Absorbing energy isn't a new type of refuelling or recharging because we're all aware of solar power and the directed sunlight on to a single point creating temperatures that get extremely hot far exceeding the boiling point of water. In fact, here's an image of the power plant that I'm talking about:

Molten salt allows for extremely hot temperatures, see the image below.

Here's a quote from Inside Climate Change News;

The first thing you see of the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Facility (CDSEF), and you can be miles away, is a light so bright you can't look directly at it. This sits atop a 640-foot cement tower, rising from the flat, empty Nevada desert around the halfway point on the highway from Reno to Las Vegas. The tower's surrounded by a nearly two-mile-wide field of mirrors that send shimmering beams of light into the sky.

Ufologists suggested that the ship could be a living thing. Experts continue to explore the images.

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In addition, there was information that parts of the two moons of the planet Mars began to form rings, noted in the publication New Scientist.

After a few million years, Phobos will disintegrate and become part of a dense ring. The rings of Mars will be like the rings of Saturn.

One person has commented (actually stated) some absolute really good information which I thought was interesting so I'll add that here.

The opinions on the likelihood or speculation on what this is, it's got lots of people very divided and some are guessing, some are making intelligent guesses and some are just bizarre.

Here's my fave comment from the video:

The object - whatever it is, is not "the size of Jupiter" - it is rectangular, and when superimposed over Jupiter, appears to be roughly 1/4 to 1/3 the size of jupiter.

In addition, it isn't - from it's rectangular shape - round, bit likely flat - although having depth, which we can't see from this angle.

In total, this makes it much smaller than Jupiter - although still massive in size.

To those asking why the sun's reaction on the other side, it actually lends credence to it being an actual object:

The reaction occurs on what is called the "antipode' of the sun (precisely at the opposite position on a globe.

This indicates it emitted a force that affected the sun's outer surface, and raced around it's globe, with all of the impact force of an object tearing through the corona, and exiting it, and meeting to create a reaction at the antipode.

This is also not an isolated phenomenon: since the inception of images from various Solar satellite observatories, there have been dozens of gigantic craft - or objects - seen both extracting material from, and entering and exiting the sun itself, as though it were both a source of fuel, and some sort of 'gateway' to and from "somewhere else."

Here's the video:

In spite of NASA's efforts to explain these away, and to hide as many images as they could, these are all documented and available to view.

There's way to much going on in space, like repeated UFO sightings. This same UFO event has played out before. It to was caught on the SOHO telescope.

The Universe is far more mysterious and complex than our current crop of scientists will admit to - in spite of a multitude of images and data proving their limited understanding of the processes occurring right in front of our "spacecraft eyes."

Either way though, this happened. It's definitely real and it seems like NASA and the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) scientists don't want to acknowledge anything to do with these monster planet sized objects.

It's as if they're all scared or have to be super, super cautious about what they say about this phenomenon.

Source Source SOHO. Source Paranormal Crucible YouTube.
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