Volcano Totally Blown Up With A Green Laser

This is totally insane because what I'm seeing here in this green laser video, you can not even begin to comprehend what's happening.

Who's doing this and why? It's not lost on me that that's a laser and it's just blown up a mountain.

Green laser blows up a volcano in Mexico.

But it has, this is 2021 and nothing and I mean nothing surprises me anymore!

There is no answer to this, who the hell do we ring up to clarify it? Seriously lol should I ring my local council for information about this? What if I ring the weather channel maybe... There, I'm totally lost for words "for once". I suppose it could be a hoax, a photoshop delectable of the most convincing kind or an Alien race blasting at us from the next galaxy to the left. Or, walk with me here - a UFO behind the Moon taking pot shots at us?

The video is what looks to me like a webcam, a 24 hours live feed type affair. It looks to of happened at night time what with the night vision on.

Green laser blows up a volcano in Mexico which is scary as can be.

The stars seem to be out in the video and there's very few clouds, if any. The laser is about 15 to 40 feet it looks like from the beginning of the green line in the video until the end of it or at least that's what we can see. If this video is real, just imagine what this could mean?

Higher power technology, more likely top secret technology, secret weapons, advanced weapons platforms or if I'm correct in my assuming that it's a possible Alien weapon then wow... On this, I want to be wrong, on this I believe that nobody, "nothing" should have this type of weapon.

We see this dazzling laser beam that seems to come from heaven...

Then boom, the volcano just starts erupting, It literally Explodes!

Considering that we have been seeing UFOs go into these volcanoes, we could be seeing a UFO being targeted at inside of the volcano.

Some think that the UFOs shell is so strong that it can withstand the high temperature of a volcano?

If a UFO can withstand the harshness of a re-entry then who's to say that it's not going to affect the outer surface of a UFO? It makes sense.

Source UFO Hunters Facebook/Google Search.

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  1. Space program using simple re rebalancing on the under ground networks of evil trafficking and Draco bloodlines.- hidden crimes against humanity flooded with magma they diverted to access huge chambers twenty miles below the surface and now unusable as virus labs or adrenachrome stores for off world trade. Mercenaries need Paying in blood.


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