Jenner Crater Looks Suspiciously Constructed

I have attached the photos of the Jenner Crater because I would like to point out that there's a few suspicious looking things going on, like the obvious central area of the crater.

Then there's the step layers on the rim that are not in other Jenner Crater photos? Why's it changing in different photos? Could it be progressively better cameras maybe taking better photos? I will be adding more photos of the Jenner Crater at the bottom of this post.

Whatever it is in the centre of the crater, it's definitely real and it's very "unnatural". Also, why the Bejeebuz is all the craters at the same depth? This isn't right, what's the chances that all the different sized asteroids hit the Moon with the same freaky force, impact and density to create the exact same depth in every single crater? I'd say it's about infinity to one! In other words, it's not natural formations!

Here's The Jenner Crater which has a suspicious looking structure in the middle of it.

It looks like a Spider, but it can't be unless it's here on Earth and a model prop. Or, I see many things in the photo here showing strange shapes. The middle one is the strangest, it could be a dome in the middle with two walkways stretching around it. It's actually one of the most Alien looking structures I've ever seen.

There seems to be conflict with the photos because of the quality maybe, because of someone not following the timeline which I think is the likely reason for the discrepancies?

If you change a detail in one of the early photos, you must remember to change the following photos over the years! That's common sense. But, if that is the case then it would make sense to create a whole Moon in scale and use that as a "stand in for the Moon". Oh, you think that sounds crazy? Well, check this out for size:

This is the Moon that people are familiar with and not the real one.

Credit NASA.

Here's a little extra UFO I've just discovered in a Mars photo which was on the Express online website for a different story. It literally stood out a mile because I have a filter on at all times over my phones screen. It brings out features that are hard to see and hardly there to the human eye. In fact, there could be 2 UFOs, but the one I've circled is more clear.

Check this out:

I have brought out a UFO hidden in the background of a NASA Mars image.

Credit NASA/UFOSFOOTAGE/Canva/Express.

Some I presume are more sharper while others are poorer quality?

It looks like a Spider in the middle of the crater in one, but the other is white rocks? There's no steps like evidence of mining activity in some but there is in others?

I've already added way to many question marks in this post but I have more. I'm not going to be putting loads of questions in one post as it just weighs it down.

So, I'll have to focus on the sharper oblique view image from Apollo 15. I guess this had better cameras.

Im adding more photos of the Jenner Crater to show discrepancies within the crater, some with no steps and the centre structure has drastically, and I mean drastically changed in height, length and shape in others. The two wrap around levels surrounding the middle "round dome like structure" have completely changed.

Completely changed!

Jenner Crater photos that look different from each other.

Below is the Mare Australe, with the circular basalt-flooded Jenner prominent in the middle.

Mare Australe, with the circular basalt-flooded Jenner prominent in the middle.

All 3 of the photos are different from each other, all of the technical information is in the Jenner Crater Wikipedia page. I'm not convinced that we have been to the Moon. Seriously, it's not difficult to see the massive hints by NASA over time.

Never A Straight Answer means NASA.

Credit Wikipedia/NASA/UFOSFOOTAGE.

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