The Mars Rover Totally Ignores Silver Disk Like UFO

There's a definite bizarre thing going on with the Mars Rover because it seemed to just walk on by when an obvious and blatant UFO (or base) was to it's side.

Call me picky or finicky, by the book or just plain crazy but isn't it's job to check out any and all of the "oddest and most unusual looking" Martian surface artefacts? I'm not imagining it, am I?

Have I just thought that it's job is to look for Aliens, and believed it? Because that's what I thought it's job was?

If you ask me, Scott C. Waring's Ufology work is very impressive, relentless, reliable and some of the biggest thing's I've learnt is that anything's possible, don't rule anything out until it's been looked at. Check it, check it again and don't worry about what people think because it's not their fault for being small minded. It's glandular lol.

This is an Alien base on Mars which looks definitely real.

Credit NASA/UFO Sightings Daily/Canva.

Since the Rover went to Mars to look for ANY Aliens microbial or other, I have a list of tons of UFOs, Alien technology and structures that it's literally walked away from or blanked it, pretending it's not there, looked the other way and the list goes on.

I reckon it's broke.

It's even called "The Mars Curiosity Rover", right. A guy on YouTube (Loki) in the comments section below Scott C. Waring's video commented that has got to be the least curious Rover ever made.

I really have to agree with Loki and what's more than that is mission control seemingly ignored it as well. Okay I know that it's mission control that gives it the directions but still, I was under the impression that it was part autonomous where it can find it's own objects?

Obviously in this case it's simply strolled on by whistling.

Here's another absolutely fantastic Alien Base that was discovered on Mars. It's really hard to dismiss this one because it's just exactly what it looks like:

Definite Alien base on Mars with windows.

Credit NASA.

Speaking on his blog, Scott Waring said:

"Do you see this structure in the upper right hand corner - the one that looks like a pie pan turned upside down? On one side it appears to actually be transparent, so maybe it has windows you can see through? This building is remarkable. You can see it has a metallic structure on the outside"

Here's my first time at writing something inspirational:

A moment in time is a moment for everyone, it's the most universal thing that we all share. Where we are, live, that really doesn't matter because when we all stop to appreciate that very moment, just know that somewhere out there in space, a lifeform might just be wondering if you exist...

I'm actually on YouTube now and I'd love it if you could check it out? I've only got just a few subscribers who are great. It's not a huge UFO community but it's definitely something that I'm proud of. 

Sources UFO Sightings Daily/NASA/Express/ET Database.

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