Alien Greys Stood At The Window of Their UFO

You've probably already heard of this amazing UFO Incident because when it happened, it was absolutely everywhere.

Below is the best UFO sighting ever recorded and the UFO Incident that changed a lot of people's opinions on Aliens and UFOs in general.

Picture of the Alien stood at the window of the UFO over Turkey.

Credit: Yalcin Yalman/DestinationDeclassified/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

The above image is of the Alien stood at the window of the UFO that was videod over Turkey on June 22nd in 2007 by Turkey resident Yalcin Yalman (all information is in the video below). I was able to separate the Alien entity from the cockpit of UFO whi h was this photo below.

UFO evidence caught on camera over Turkey in 2007.

Credit: Yalcin Yalman/DestinationDeclassified/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Everyone and their Dog was talking about this UFO video which was filmed over Turkey and was subsequently found to have been a UFO hotspot before this UFO incident and after it as well.

It became known as the Turkish UFO Incident.

The UFO Incident quickly became apparent that it's totally different from all the other UFOs that were being recorded at the time and it surpassed most UFO encounters in the past.

But seriously, in all the photos of UFO activity that I've ever seen, I've yet to come across a single real Alien either stood or sat at the window. So when I remembered seeing this one, it really did catch my attention, just like pretty much all the other UFO researchers lol. Christmas had come early and I tell you all now, it really, really felt like "this is it, here comes disclosure"!

I wasn't sad about the disclosure not coming because (here's the strange part) having that "on the cusp of UFO disclosure" was exciting, it was weird, researching everywhere, reading all the NASA related news, watching the news etc. It was strange but in a good way, I suppose.

So, I'll get the feeling again when it does come for real.

June 22nd 2007 Yalcin Yalman.

Credit: DestinationDeclassified YouTube Video/Yalcin Yalman.

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