Large Formation of UFOs Over Mexico

Yes, for once im bloody speechless and even I know that one day I would come across a spectacular UFO sighting (or multiple UFOs as in plural), that would leave me speechless and shut my "pie ole"! And this has definitely done that.

Credit: COLECCIONES ANTIGUAS YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva/Miguel Aguila.

Like a massive Air Force aerial display, these UFOs are seemingly flying in order or some specific display either defense or surveillance. But why and for what purpose is the UFO display for? They've certainly not hidden their presence or even come out at night which is in the shadow part of the Earth to them because it's only humans that perceive this.

Here's 2 screenshots from the video...

UFOs flying in formation that don't leave anything to the imagination.

Possibly Alien UFOs that are in perfect synchronisation flying, this is awesome but it could also be human technology that is on display in a test area.

Silver metallic Flying Saucers flying in perfect synchronisation.

It's not a good UFO sighting, it's epic and it's going to become a few more people's favourite UFO evidence.

Here's the full UFO video description first in English and then in Spanish.

Credit: COLECCIONES ANTIGUAS YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva/Miguel Aguila.


Objects that fly synchronized, at first glance they look like birds but they are not because they do not flutter as the skywatcher MIGUEL AGUILA from MEXICO says.


Objetos que vuelan sncronizados ,a primera vista se ven como aves pero no lo son pues no aletean como dice el skywatcher MIGUEL AGUILA de MEXICO.

The UFOs in this video are flying together in such good synchronisation, together as one, in tandem, without any mistakes that I can see. Does that mean it's advanced technology because we have something similar called wireless technology.

The gist of what im saying is that they are pretty much are flying like one entity. And without any kind of lag, seperation from the other, which I suppose only comes from being connected together with a sort of energy (Bluetooth lol).

So without further ado, here's the UFO video:

“I'm not the voice of reason. I am the reason for the voice.”-TB

Thank you for watching the video here and for sharing your thoughts with us. It does say on the YouTube video that "this video has not been verified" so I think we can take it that Aliens haven't been able to accept responsibility (yet) because as soon as they do, "bam" you'll be the first one to know. Unless the Government says walk this way to the Aliens and we never see them again?

Also, if anyone says that this has been debunked, just remember that the only debunking that I'll ever accept is the kind where someone has actual proof of their shenanigans with video outtakes or actual props from the same UFO video. Because anyone and I mean anyone can say "I made it" so always demand proof of a debunking answer.

Credit: Miguel Aguila 2013.

Credit: Colecciones Antiguas YouTube.

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  1. definately pelicans soaring together , i see that quite often near Pensacola Florida, not a doubt.


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