NASA UFO Taken By Apollo 16 Astronaut in 50 Frames

Everything about this UFO video from Apollo 16 Astronaut isn't "as usual". I've never been able to understand it or get my head round it to be honest with you.

NASA doesn't comment on UFO events, unless it's in their own interests and serves their own purpose like this one does. When was tge last time you heard of NASA commenting on a UFO event?

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage

Apparently though we're all fine now, there's no threat, there's no Aliens on the horizon primed, ready to pounce on the humans ball of mud or the house of Earth! Well, I call that absolute bo****ks! Twice, thrice, four times even. Check out this quote from NASA’s own website;

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Some very bright people recently worked hard to analyze that UFO footage. Their conclusion was that the object wasn't at all what some observers thought it seemed to be. There is no indication the Apollo 16 crew ever thought the film showed anything special.

A group headed by Gregory Byrne of Johnson Space Center's Image Science and Analysis Group completed a report on its investigation earlier this year. They used a video copy of the film initially, then did a high-resolution digital scan of the original film for detailed analysis.

I mean, the so called arm of the floodlight boom is projecting out to the side! It should be coming towards us, that's the window tge camera is looking out of. So the boom is totally going the wrong way.

NASA photo from Apollo 16 showing a UFO proved by intelligent people.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

I've seen it before this UFO but I've never written anything about it. Maybe it didn't dawn on me then about it's significance back then? I believed that it was a large paper clip, the round metallic clip that holds paper together used in the 60's and 70's (lol). I remember reading this somewhere or other and I suppose I just accepted it...

But as it turns out, all that speculation and expert involvement including UFO researchers opinions means nothing because NASA has a crack team of bright people on stand by which trumps everyone else. It seems NASA will only accept answers from their own sources and anyone else can take a run through the streets with just a pair of socks on.

All the images you can see here are the ones that NASA bright people worked from to "whitewash the investigation". If you believe all that guff then good on you but I like to think that if not this hand picked UFO event then what about all the other UFOs that were seen throughout the whole Apollo missions? There were many of them.

The UFO culprit from Apollo 16.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Just describing it makes me think that hiding a UFO in plain sight is genius! It's worked like a charm for decades and especially those earlier days when UFOs where coming so close, so curious, so brazen and without fear. That speaks a lot about their capabilities or they've had either no contact with other species or very little and that's lowered their innate sense of fear, defences, survival instincts or they just plain as day don't give a shit.

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In the image below, the arm of the boom should be coming towards us but it's going off to the side. Look at the inage, the boom if looking out of the window means it should be coming towards the Apollo craft and not away from it.

Apollo 16 UFO arm on the light extension.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva oh and some intelligent people lol.

NASA’s like a crazy uncle that's walks in your home and grabs your beer from the fridge, drinks it, burps and leaves it on the floor next to the settee. Basically they don't care about what they do, who sees it, they ignore you when they're asked questions about what this or that anomalies are. Then when you've got irrefutable evidence of a UFO or a base on Mars they clam up.

The photo below is misleading and the arm boom is going off in the wrong direction. If your looking at it, that means that you are looking out the window as it says, therefore it should be coming towards the craft, not away from it.

Intelligently made extension arm mistaken for a UFO by Astronauts.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva/Intelligent people.

But that's the whole bloody reason why NASA has gone to Mars - to look for evidence of life right! It's so stupid that all you wanna do is bang your head against a soft cushion (I'm not hurting my head for them) and shout "you've gone to Mars to look for evidence of life either in ancient Mars history or microbial, well here's that evidence in your own photos and videos, then you make me feel or look stupid"... That beggars belief in all kinds of messed up ways.

Credit NASA.

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