The US Army's New Augmented Reality Night Vision Is Insane Technology

Are you ready for a glimpse of future warfare, are you ready for the US Army's - The L3Harris ENVG-B Night Vision Goggles.

The world is changing and if you don't want to be a part of it, you can get hidden away but at least see it for what it is first.

New Augmented Reality night vision for the US Army.

Credit: US Army/L3Harris ENVG-B Night Vision Goggles/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

It's a very strange world when you can go to sleep one night and wake up the next day only to find that you've actually woken up to 30 years worth of technological "evolution leaps", overnight. Okay, maybe not in those exact words but it bloody feels like it.

The future of night vision is already happening.

Credit: US Army/L3Harris ENVG-B Night Vision Goggles/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

We're constantly seeing some sort of Star Trek or Star Wars like gadget or other just appear and many, many other Sci-fi technologies come to pass.

There's definitely someone who's in the know about the future, just look at the Simpsons if your in any doubt whatsoever. If you're not aware about this Simpsons Phenomena just Google it. In fact here's 30 times Simpsons successfully predicted the future.

People will know the software from playing games like first person shooters just like this image below.

First person shooting games are the same as night vision goggles for the US Army.

Credit: US Army/L3Harris ENVG-B Night Vision Goggles/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Maybe ancient technology isn't being found but instead we're sending light messages back in time... Coincidences might have a mathematical equation that explains why it is and it's being channelled and exploited?

How else can you explain science telling us that black holes exist without there been one - then years later one was found? That's like saying cars exist while only horse and carts exist. Then finding a Volvo on mount everest.

It's not that strange when you realise that everything exists, because of mathematics. How it's already written down because mathematics told us about black holes, it told us how to find it. But how much of the equation that said a black hole exists, was down to luck?

Well, I'll tell you now that nothing was left to chance so nothing at all was left to chance and it explained it in full, in a "verified equation". Nothing more, nothing less, science literally spelled it out. Think about that for a moment.

What else has NASA uncovered....

Anyways, my rambling and thinking out loud aside, the technology used in the goggles is actually known to a lot of people around the world like gamers, role players, first person shooters and other software makers.

There's been an evolution in the world of technology since the very beginning, generations will always want to improve on what their parents used. I'm talking about Tetris, Rubix Cube, Pac Man VR and Augmented Reality lol. And let's not forget about the first GPS system which was the front seat passenger in every car.

It all gets upgraded, I'm sure this Augmented Reality technology will be improved upon as well in the future. It'll probably end up as a contact lens - that's what they're aiming for and it will replace it.

Credit: Wonder World YouTube.

Video description:

The L3Harris ENVG-B Night Vision Goggles, arms soldiers with superior abilities to target, engage and neutralize threats, enhancing mission success and operator safety. The ENVG-B is a helmet-mounted, dual-waveband goggle with industry-leading, fused white phosphor and thermal technologies.

The night vision devices were developed by L3Harris to deliver imagery and data from the battlefield directly to the soldier’s eye. The system includes a new, high-resolution display and an embedded soldier wireless personal area network, rapid target acquisition and augmented reality algorithms to interface with the Army’s Nett Warrior. The complete system will interface with the Army’s family of weapon sights, while enhancing interoperability and data sharing.

• The ENVG-B displays a higher-resolution image than previous night vision devices.

• The goggles also include augmented reality capabilities and allow soldiers to see wirelessly through weapon sights.

Credit: Wonder World YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva/Inshot/US Army - The L3Harris ENVG-B Night Vision Goggles.

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