Military - Top Secret Jets Escorting A Real Flying Disk

 I've been working on uncovering military Jets escorting UFOs since I first started looking into Ufology and Alien evidence.

UFO Disclosure, 2019. UAP videos happened with the eye witness being a military Jet Pilot. A trained observer, a bunch of trained observers in fact. They said no other country has these, that leaves only one more intelligent alternative...

Extraterrestrial entities.


UFOs being escorted by Jets from the military.

Credit: Mysteries Unexplained Pinterest/Paul Hellyer Wikipedia/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Just remember that there's absolutely no information whatsoever with this UFO video. Seriously, we must keep it in the public eye as soon, someone will see it and think, I remember seeing that. I know it's real as I worked on it. That's how we're going to get our information about this UFO video. Keep people talking about it till someone, somewhere gives us the information about it.

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One person who commented on Pinterest said: "Mr" These are secret government technology what we have had long time. Another person who commented said: "Bill" Looks interesting. Would have loved to investigate the witness.

A negative impression of the UFO in the military and Jet video.

Credit: Mysteries Unexplained Pinterest/Paul Hellyer Wikipedia/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

This is a reverse image (negative) of the secret technology Jets and one military Flying Disk. It's a brilliant video if you ask me and all I can say is that bringing you this UFO video with limited information is a good way to keep an open discussion about UFO evidence that seems to be fading away from people's memories. Nobody is talking about these except for a handful of people. Let's keep all UFO sightings in the public eye as the mainstream journalists will not be doing this, at all - that's probably the only thing that I can guarantee you!

In all honesty, I'm stunned with the amount of eye witnesses that have recorded these events. There's tens of them at least that I know of, with all of them having a different level of likelihood added to them via common sense!

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I'm not kidding myself or trying to delude myself that all of the UFOs being escorted by Jets are real, but, there's just no way that all of them are fake neither! So what's the next step in the process to determine what is real and what is fake or mistaken?

Snapshot of the UFOs flying close to the military Jet.

Credit: Mysteries Unexplained Pinterest/Paul Hellyer Wikipedia/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

How, what, when and where do we actually get to the bottom these UFOs? The majority of the military Jet and UFO videos are either reported anonymously or the information given is sparse to none existing.

Belief, faith and innate truth is my guide.

Even if we're working on probabilities and all likelihoods, there must be a percentage of all the military Jets and UFOs that has to be real or at least from an "unknown origin" which by default (as far as I'm concerned) point's to only one thing...

Aliens are real, even though the story is changing - the basic truth stays the same.

Aliens are responsible for some, if only one of the escorted Flying Saucer type UFOs then my own research (information gathering) is worth every second that I put into it.

The Canadian Government minister Paul Hellyer (Paul Theodore Hellyer PC, born 6 August 1923 is a Canadian engineer, politician, writer, and commentator. He is the longest serving current member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada and he said that Aliens definitely exist because he knows for definite and he's privy to the highest top secret information of the highest level in Government of Canada and the realm of the British Royal family, it's colonies and the Commonwealth of England.

That's insane right, he has access to the top, top level of secret information regarding anything and all that has been discovered since records began. But we're all supposed to not believe him when he tells us about the charting of Extraterrestrial entities, their whereabouts and their technology.

But he's still in his job having been deemed competent, reliable and of sound mind! So I believe him.


Just remember that the next time something absolutely and utterly stunning is either said by himself or you discover a past comment from himself that sounds way, way to improbable...

Here is the video evidence that you can see for yourself and determine what you want to:

Please share your thoughts and then share the post, thank you.

Credit: Mysteries Unexplained Pinterest/Paul Hellyer Wikipedia/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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