The Most Bizarre UFO With No Wings, No Sound, No Propulsion Over Philadelphia

This is the first one of two UFOs on that day which was the 26th July, 2019 but only the first one was caught on film.

The eye witness filming it is a definite genuine guy and had the mindset to grab a camera and film this. It's white, it's reminiscent of the Tic Tac Pill Shaped UFOs as released by the US Navy on behalf of the US Government's Department of Defence.

Close up look at the Philadelphia UFO without any sound.

Both of the image's here show the UFO a little hazy but in the video the UFO is in focus. It loses pixels when it's zoomed into, it's a close up look but it can't replace the lost pixels. This is the main reason why UFOs in general look blurry because people want us to see close ups but it always loses pixels.

White UFO without sound and wing's over Philadelphia.

Credit: UFO Secrecy Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 24th July around 6pm⁣

User Submission - 

Possible sighting of white ‘Tic-Tac’ or could be a Disc (side-on) July 24th 2019 Around 6pm. Moving at a steady pace. Craft had no visible wings, flight control surfaces, or obvious means of propulsion. Seems to display some sort of visible ‘pulsing’. ⁣

Witness has seen another similar white craft take the same flight path approx 20 minutes later. Craft did not make any sound.⁣⁣

It's actually emitting no sound, now that's really interesting and important because as I understand it, all commercial aircraft make engine noises. It's not got a shape either that I'd recognise anyway other than a rocket and this being Philadelphia I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's not a rocket! It's definitely there in the sky genuinely being filmed, it's not CGI at all and it's the shape of a pill type cylinder UFO, which leads me to think it's a man made craft?

Here's a similar looking UFO flying over Lake Michigan, it really does look like the 2019 UFO sighting in Michigan.

UFO evidence caught on camera flying over Lake Michigan.

Credit: Lufos YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

My reasons for that are because it's aerodynamic and as it's our atmosphere, what's keeping it from flying down because wing's would be doing that job and keeping it up! I'm guessing the craft was made by us to fly solely in Earth's atmosphere?

Listen, I could be wrong but I rarely am. I think the reason why I'm rarely wrong is because it can't be proved either way. Hell, if you was to say it's a Flying Donkey you'd still be 50/50 right or wrong but not wrong as it's not been proved either way yet to be a Donkey or an unknown craft?

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It's a strange one but it's clearly not a Donkey lol, I wrote it as an example only. Ufology has been my life for so long now, it's been years and lot's of friends have said that UFOs need to land on the White House lawn before they'll believe in Aliens. Even though we had the US Government's declassified UFO videos released in 2019 but now these so-called friends have changed the goalposts and now they need tangible evidence like a genuine UFO recovered or for the Roswell evidence released?

I get it that it seems "to fantastical" for Extraterrestrials to exist, but you'll find that after you've calmed down, it's just a neighbour, they're just as normal and everyday kind of living beings just like we are (probably). We have hopes and dreams, probably so do they? We have needs, they more than likely have needs and wants too?

Living beings need very basic things like food and water, sustenance not only for the body but also for the mind! Considering that they have a mind, a brain and that's more than likely then they (without a doubt) went through evolution just as we have and are still evolving! They might be 300 or 500 years ahead of us?

Here's the full video:

Please share your thoughts and let's hope that there's some sort of answer to this amazing UFO sighting. It's creating no sound or anything else that we associate with planes and propulsion systems. It's white and looks like a commercial Jet fuselage but without wing's and that's it, there's no other identifying looks whatsoever.

Credit: UFO Secrecy Instagram/Lufos YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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