2 UFO Orbs Filmed Through A Night Vision Camera Over Warrior, Alabama

Here's an amazing UFO sighting that happened at night and over Warrior, Alabama and to boot it was through a night vision camera.

It's a pretty impressive video as there's two UFO Orbs (plus one aeroplane flying right to left) or at least that's what I've only noticed in this stunning night sky. Through the tree's we can see these bright, white colored UFO Orbs just going about their business like Bee's or Wasp's going about their business. It's one thing to see these Orbs but where did they come from, where are they going to end up when whatever they're doing, is finished or done?

Here's the epic image that Jon Newland caught on night vision camera.

Credit: Jon Newland/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

There's simply no way that these UFO Orbs are going to be flying all the way back to whatever planet they came from (unless they're using technology which we couldn't comprehend) but still, they must have a place right here on Earth. It makes sense in whichever language you say it in, it doesn't matter what clever and rational expression you try to explain it in, these UFO Orbs must be based here!

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I'm definitely open to any and all opinions and unproven facts but still, it just comes right back to square number 1. Having a base or a bunker, somewhere to stay off the radar and away from the satellites. Unless it's UFOs belonging to secret tech companies with sub divisions, within compartments that are divided up and given their own clearance etc. You know how these highly developed kind are, they're all working with technology that seperately could change the world, but don't because it's not profitable unless it's military related.

The original still from the night vision camera Jon Newland caught.

Credit: Jon Newland/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

We could be looking at military drones, but i think if we can see them through night vision cameras then it's already failed in it's evaluation. So, if I had to put money on it, I think it's pretty obvious based on what I've just said, if the military would reject this because we can see it lit up through night vision cameras then why would Extraterrestrial entities use them? The 3 UAP videos where the real deal because we could only see them UFOs in the Infrared spectrum...

That's one way of definitely evading night vision goggles and cameras! So why would they go backwards... Unless it's a completely different Extraterrestrial species using a totally different aerial vehicle? It stands to reason because of our aerial vehicles been so different to their crafts, so why isnt there more than one Alien species, or two, three Extraterrestrial entities? If there's a few different species out there it stands to reason that their timelines are totally different, their lineage is completely different as well. Different species, different needs, different likes, wants and musts.

We cannot all be the same with same needs, same wants and same crafts. We must all be different like our ages, our looks, our clothing. Our languages will most definitely be different because of what they breath? We breathe the gas called oxygen. What do they breath?

These are all legitimate questions about what is now a fact! 2017, the White House, the US Navy, the DoD all gave the world UFO Disclosure in the form of 3 UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomena videos. It's now a fact that we are not alone in the universe, suck it up and accept it guy's. In fact, go look it up.

Here's the whole story by the eye witness himself, Mr Jon Newland:

I am a former SWAT cop and have been witnessing and documenting Orbs and UFOs in the skies of where I live, Warrior, Alabama for over a year. 

I see the bright low and often times slow flying orbs traveling oddly many nights. 

I have captured them also in low light hours. 

This particular orb I captured on my night vision monocular it is a white phosphorus Pvs14. 

The orb was traveling very slowly at first in a south to south east direction on 26 March 2022 at 2054 hrs. 

It appeared to be a few hundred feet above the tree tops. 

If I had to guess it was maybe 6 to 8 foot in diameter. 

I see them often and sometimes even lower than this. 

One time one flew maybe a 100 to 200 foot straight above my head and home and it was so close it made me nervous. 

I don't know why they appear a lot in the skies of where I live but they do. 

If I had to guess they are some sort of drone. But why and what are they doing? I have no clue. 

I will continue to research them. 

Stay safe!

Thank you so much Jon for your genuine account of what's going on in your area and in this "Warrior, Alabama" part of the world. It's no secret the Government has underground bunkers, not just in remote areas and definitely not just underground but also at sea, mountainsides, the desert and a whole host of other places you and me would never in a million years think to look! I'm pretty sure that some of us know these places, some don't and this is what translates into a fantastic debate.

If it was that easy just to look at a few YouTube videos maybe read a few comments on social media and that's how people are becoming aware of where these top secret bases are, don't you think the Government would be about as embarrassed as can be?

Here's the epic proof that UFOs exist and that they're still operating on our planet even after the US Government has admitted to knowing about the existence of UFOs and have done for a number of years:

Guy's, if you know someone who would appreciate this post, please can you share it with them thank you. Also please share your own thoughts and opinions on what you think is going on on this video, cheers.

Credit: Jon Newland/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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