Ancient Alien Structure Beneath The Ocean In Google Earth Off The Coast Of Peru

Peru is an ancient and historic place with many connections to the mythical Gods, many Extraterrestrial encounters and civilizations giving rise to Alien and human cooperation.

So, just when did this strange structure appear and is it natural or man made, mmm with Extraterrestrial entities helping or is it just a 100 percent, bonafide UFO base entirely Alien in it's nature?

There's a huge UFO under the water in Lima Peru.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Daily/Google Earth/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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Oh this is definitely a real and an actual physical place under the surface of the ocean. It's off the coast of Peru, it's even found on Google Earth! Guy's, ive added links to the original Google Earth map you should check it out.

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Scott Waring was the guy who discovered it in Google Earth and he posted about this been around 4.2 miles in diameter which is 6.8 kilometers in diameter and yes while it's technically massive in terms of a UFO, let's just remember that it's under the sea and out of sight. Plus depending on how long it has been there, maybe it's been there since pre-satellites and pre-airplanes so making it large, extending it or just not caring about who would see it (if at all) all that depends on what their intentions for this was?

For all we know, this might have been a place where (off the coast of Lima, Peru) the Extraterrestrials conducted their world wide (don't laugh, UAPs are real) operations and yes I'm calling it operations because what else do we call UFOs going out scouting, mapping, eavesdropping on signals, frequencies or other?

Ancient Alien Structure in ancient paintings.

Above image and quote:

These images from the 12th century manuscript “Annales Laurissenses”

(Latin for “volumes” or “books” about “historical and religious” events)

depicts the Saxon siege of Sigiburg Castle, France, in the year 776.

The Crusaders had the medieval French completely surrounded

when the “flaming shields” suddenly appeared in the sky;

(the manuscript reports this as being over a church).

Assuming the French were being protected,

the Saxons fled in fear from the UFOs.

Guy's, here's the extraordinary evidence of Extraterrestrial craft's in mankind's ancient past! I wanted to post these "blasphemous" at the time these where very controversial and the Church was forced to take action. Not on these but other artist's, actor's, anyone who had a unique thought or a free thinking answer to anything by the state or against the Church was literally a gonner!

More proof of ancient Aliens in our historic past in famous artwork.


Image from the French book

“Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs”

by Jacques Legrand, 1338 (left).

Sphere resembles a Montgolfiere

(French for baloon) but there weren No balloons 14th centurey France.

Notice also: several daylight stars,

the monstrous faces in the rocks

and the men are offering seeds?

Now this is what I'm talking about, proving that UFOs have been with us going way, way back. It's either this or "mental health" has been talking about UFOs going way back? I know which one I believe.

Lee Lewis UFO Sighting's Footage

Look, we do the exact same thing! Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) so to think it's dumb or silly, your basically calling ourselves silly or stupid because we do this on a daily, right now on fact people (scientist's, astronomers) are all scanning space on all frequencies and counting. Do you really think that the TV studio's are their first port of call when they come across a signal of interest? Do you really think that after learning about a signal of interest that these other people will tell the TV studio's? Absolutely not! The public is well down on the list of truth telling.

Google Earth map showing us a UFO mothership or underwater base.

Credit: Space/UFO Sighting's Daily/Google Earth/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The shape of this strange looking structure has many people asking questions about what exactly this is? It's got a shape which is definitely out of place which is called an Ooparts or Out Of Place ARTefact's as it's the first letter of the words with the letter s standing in also. It's a good way to describe the ocean anomaly and in fact it's been accepted by a lot of UFO researchers as a good way to describe something that doesn't look right in it's current placement.

Out of sight, out of place, in plain sight, out of reach - these are all legitimate terminologies when describing the abundance of strange looking and weird artefacts in the world.

But on the other hand, we have a fantastic "half and half" in other words weve got the shape of one of the largest UFOs (which is why I say it's a base) and  it's located off the coast just near to the Peru Nazca Lines which is a long series of enormous geoglyphs said to be built by the Nazca people near enough 2K year's ago (that's two thousand years ago).

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Space dot com quote:

These lines are a common fixation for conspiracy theorists, who sometimes claim aliens were involved in their construction.

To be honest with you guy's, these other websites (like space dot com) that like to distinguish themselves well away from the "conspiracy theorists websites" like my site for instance or UFO Sighting's Daily website, MUFON, Above Top Secret, Conspiracy Planet and the Black Vault etc because when it fits in with their values and yes, their beliefs as well - they don't hesitate to jump on the Ufology bandwagon. But when the story is something else entirely that they don't want to talk about because it's against their beliefs or hard for them to grasp, they absolutely cut toes and stand well back and act as if they don't even know you!

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It plays out all the time. They flip flop between supporting Ufology believer's and their sites and they sometimes support the opinions and thoughts of the conspiracy theorists. But on the flick of a switch, they support the websites that like to bang on or ridicule UFO researchers. These you'll find come into a box all of their own and i call it "mainstream media". They've definitely got no pony in any race, they only follow views, for ad revenue.

It's so, so sad but they're running a business so I totally understand it. I don't like it, I'd rather them be elsewhere talking about Baboon butt's - but there you go, we can't have it all.

Quick quote from Scott Waring:

Now there is a 7km UFO sitting at the bottom of the ocean. It next to a very mysterious location...Nazca, Peru famous for the giant drawings in the dirt that are hundreds of meters long. Those Nazca lines are said to be drawings to welcome the god. Back then such alien technology flying though the sky could easily be mistaken for gods. Its obvious that the two are connected. As I remember, this circular shape is also the right size and shape to be the lost city of Atlantis, which I have long believed to be and alien ship that was floating on the ocean, then later submerged.

UFO Sighting's Daily

It doesn't really matter what you think about UFOs or what you choose to believe in terms of Aliens. They exist because the evidence is just to overwhelming for anyone to deny it. Now if there wasn't anything to base that on and it was just a rumor, that'd be totally different. To have an opinion on something like UFOs is brilliant because to many people dismiss it despite the fact that we've had disclosure, they like to think that ignoring it somehow is the "right thing" when in fact, it was expected of them (once upon a time) to have this stance but thing's have certainly changed. Sheep like to live in a state of complete and utter control, like cows and Lamas, pet's and robot's (the latter is an opinion) it's unfortunate that people are still living in this safety bubble. Think for yourself guy's, even if it's a whacky outcome, get used to it, embrace it because you'll find that the world is a very whacked out, whacky place with mysterious phenomena taking place all the time. And it evolves as times goes on, been open minded is always a good thing.

Here's the link to the Google Earth UFO under the water, Lima Peru.

You see, for me I absolutely respect and look up to the work of Scott Waring for a few reasons to be honest with you. First and foremost, he's got the backbone to put his name to his research which believe me "hardly anyone will do that". It's true, if you look at some of his research over the last decade say and seen some of the awful disrespectful comments just for speaking his mind on what he knows is going on. You'd know why I wrote what I've just written!

Furthermore, for a guy who does get a lot of stick and comes under fire for his personal opinions "he's been published in over"... thousands and thousands of publications - have you? He'll be remembered for a lonnnnng time. That's bad ass in my book!

Ancient undersea structure off the coast of Peru.

Credit: Space/UFO Sighting's Daily/Google Earth/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Just be yourself, say what you see, link it to another similar anomaly. It'd be even better if your picked up by another publication and credited with a discovery!

It's not so silly when you realise it's far bigger than any one person and if your the person who puts the freely available information together and that you'll be credited, remembered, and hopefully celebrated. Good on you Scott.

Please could you share this post with someone, anyone else who might appreciate what's going on in this absolutely stunning, one off world, cheers.

Google Earth Link:,-81.70339375,20.17905308a,47968.73641003d,35y,25.00972204h,0t,0r

Credit: Space/UFO Sighting's Daily/Google Earth/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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