Area 51 Retired Engineer Admits To Reverse Engineering There

Yes it's about as strange looking as any Area 51 video footage would or could look like because of one fundamental and basic fact, it looks creepy as hell!

There's a lot we don't know about Area 51, maybe this is why our mind's run away with themselves when imagining what goes on there? Firstly, I'm highlighting an Area 51 engineer speaking out about "reverse engineering definitely going on at Area 51". Just getting it out there.

I encourage you to watch the two videos below. These guy's who worked there can explain it ten times better than I can regarding what goes on there at Area 51...

Area 51 engineer speaking out about the reverse engineering going on there.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/Canva.

Especially when taking into account all the shocking thing's that have supposedly gone on there over the decades. In all likelihood though, it's reverse engineering of Alien recovered UFOs. I can believe that opinion because of the UFO disclosure that we've all just had in 2017 with the UAP videos. There's no way that these 3 UAP videos was all that they had?

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Through my own research and subsequent common sense train of thought (our innate thought process) when weighing up the information, along with the UFO disclosure or UAP disclosure should I say, the blatant admission on TV by TD Barnes and other verified Area 51 engineers I'm going with it been a real and very clear cut case of Extraterrestrials exist, but the US Government are keeping a tight lid on it. Tighter than a frogs butt!

Any video footage taken inside of Area 51 is highly frowned upon, you know that and so do I. Seriously, I don't even know if it's allowed but if it's on YouTube, news outlets and other TV shows are all using these specific ex Area 51 employees then I'm satisfied that we're allowed to use their testimonies, their photos, their videos and some people out there have tangible evidence from Area 51?

Quick quote:

Boyd Bushman, a retired Lockheed Martin senior scientist, has evidence of it all in a 33-minute YouTube video made shortly before his death on Aug, 7th. Most of Bushman's "evidence" comes in the form of grainy photos held up to the camera while he describes UFO technologies, aliens and telepathy. "They're able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you," he said. "You walk in the room with one of them, and all of a sudden you find yourself giving the answer to your question in your own voice." The first of the photos Bushman describes in the video reveal five lights hovering over the Santa Catalina Mountains outside Tucson.

AZ Central 

See, I've written about Area 51 in the past but hardly anything compared to some conspiracy theorists and I'll admit that it's because of the lack of knowledge that goes on there?

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Area 51 engineer quote after decades of silence, insider's and whistleblowers are finally speaking out:

We did reverse engineer thing's out there.

Straight from the horses mouth so-to-speak and with that people will interpret it as though they was just acquiring a foreign countries advanced aerial vehicles technology or that a spy plane was shot down and the US was able to get closer to their enemies weak spot by reverse engineering it's top secret aircraft therefore rendering them useless? But actually no, the US Air Force is the world leader! It's got the top secret, the best technology, the most advanced aerial vehicles technology so what this Area 51 engineer is actually stating (and with a wry smile on his face) is that yes, the rumors are correct, they did reverse engineering at Area 51 and if you apply it to spy planes well then that's on you because it's not what he meant.

Area 51 where Alien's exist and engineers reverse engineered their spaceships.

In this photo below is Area 51 engineer who worked on reverse engineered technology in his own word's which is what he actually said in the YouTube video at the bottom of this post. This is the Area 51 engineer who was quoted as saying that they "reverse engineered at Area 51."

This is YD Barnes who reverse engineered technology at Area 51 in his own word's on the History channels Ancient Aliens TV show.

Photo of TD Barnes (below) was taken at SR 71 Blackbird Reunion in 2007

Date 23 June 2007, 18:23:14.

TD Barnes taken at SR 71 Blackbird Reunion - Ancient Aliens retired from Area 51.

Credit: Area 51 Retired Engineer TD Barnes/Commons Wikipedia/UFO Sighting's Footage.

Oh it's definitely by choice and that's because there's literally no way of confirming or denying what goes on there so if I was to say to you as an example, Area 51 is the home to ex-Alien dissidents who dared to go against the federation of the combined planets blah blah. Even though it sounds like science fiction, (because it is) there's still no way of confirming that and story teller's know this and they also know that Area 51 is a huge draw. So, I've deliberately stayed away from writing about it for that reason.

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But, now that we've had UFO disclosure, also now that we know what part of the spectrum these UFOs tend to (or actually prefer) fly in which is the Infrared part of the spectrum, we can definitely start to narrow down answers to Area 51 put forward by reputable conspiracy theorists! Oh I'm looking forward to seeing who's nailed it and who's been talking out of their rear end! Also, it's definitely gonna show us who's been "deliberately making thing's up."

It's gonna show us who's been working with the US Government in cahoots and deliberately misleading the public also now that we've had UFO disclosure (2017), Alien disclosure is most certainly gonna have a lot of "so-called" Extraterrestrial species expert's quaking in their boots and rightly so! Because making thing's up within the realms of plausibility isn't cool at all, right. It's misleading information and believe it or not, people are believing their outlandish claim's so they've got a responsibility. I could point finger's but I'm definitely not gonna do that, I'll let destiny pick the right time and place.

Area 51 aerial photo from above the top secret compound circa 70s.

Area 51 engineer blows the lid off Aliens at Area 51.

Inside of Area 51 down a hallway on the actual secretive compound.

Credit: Google Search/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage.

Because it's one thing to put your answers and opinions over as a fact or the real truth but putting it over knowing that people are believing it, while knowing that it's made up gibberish - well that's just irresponsible! Having an opinion is awesome, this should be encouraged, it should be applauded and really appreciated by UFO enthusiasts because it's keeping this genre going but pretending to be a conduit, can see and talk with Alien representatives, have been taken to communicate and have been chosen, coming across as a teacher without credentials because you've had an epiphany! Well, that's a personal journey, not a world journey! Then make books, profit from it, from the more outlandish claims (forever in plausibility land) well it's sad. I think people kidding themselves believing that they're giving people hope is self justified and the behavior of a guilty conscience! Plausibility land is spinning yarns.

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Oh but they've got a get out clause and it's this; I deciphered the information in front of me with the information that was available at the time. But now the real truth has come to light, we don't need to speculate on half truth's and as with Ufology since the beginning of time, everything evolves and as we now know that for sure with Ufology, we can learn from it, correct the thought process, correct the facts and rewrite the historical book's.

Alway's, we have someone who is descending from the sky with loud noise, with thundering, with fire, with smoke.

Eric Von Daniken talking on Ancient Aliens, Sky History Channel. 

They'll say stuff like "I was working with the information at hand" or something else entirely that explains why what they wrote, spoke and recorded was correct at the time all along though their intentions was to influence thought, influence history, influence debate and obviously to profit from it. Now I'm not saying that the latter is the driving force but in reality it's a combination of all of what I've just written! Like a TV evengelist or the right word would be "televangelist" who's influential in thoughts, beliefs and profits a lot from it! Like really, really profits from it in the hundred's of millions of personal money. It's all wrong.

Okay my ranting and raving about how thoughts and opinions can be bad and how losing sight of the truth can be sad.

Area 51 has what's known to a lot of people Janet

It's almost as if it's hovering in the air, but it's high up, really high up.

Bob Lazar talks about the advanced technology that he worked on at S-4 in this exceptional YouTube video:

Bob Lazar YouTube video description:

A short video where Bob is are actually talks about the candle effect when an Antigravity device was pointed to it. Pretty interesting stuff.

Robert Scott Lazar (/ləˈzɑːr/; born January 26, 1959) is an American conspiracy theorist who claims to have been hired in the late 1980s to reverse-engineer extraterrestrial technology at what he described as a secret site called "S-4". He alleges that this subsidiary installation is located several kilometers south of the United States Air Force facility popularly known as Area 51.

Here's the epic video that is only short but it appears to show us the inside of Area 51 of a hallway:

Please could you share this post with anyone whom you think would appreciate it, also share your thoughts and opinions, cheers.

Credit: Hans Faulkner YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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