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Here's a full video transcript of Bob Lazar giving a lesson on the stuff he used to work on at Area 51 and S-4.

(video transcript 1991)

From late 1988 to early 1989 I was engaged in work on propulsion systems for extraterrestrial vehicles for the US government. The hardware and technology revealed to me should end up in the right hands of the scientific community and it is the right of every person on Earth to know that there is life elsewhere in the universe and that at least one of those life forms resides here.

For those of you whose information about me is limited to this video, I will give a brief background. I am a physicist I graduated in Physics and Electrical Engineering. I have worked on several scientific programs, some of which have been top secret, and the easiest to present is my work from the early 80s here at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Faculty (New Mexico). Between December '88 and April '89, I worked as chief of the physics staff on what would become the most classified project in history. The place I worked was a faculty in an area known as S-4 at Nellis Air Force Base in central Nevada. The S-4 region is located approximately 15 miles south of the infamous Area 51 facility at Groom Lake.

During my employment, I was paid by the US Navy. To do justice to the purpose of this video, I will divide the information it contains into two separate sections.

The first part will contain information with which I gained first-hand experience and for which I received personal guidance. In other words, not only have I read reports and been taught the theory of this technology, but I have had it demonstrated to me and know that it is correct and accurate. Some points covered in this first section are:

  • how huge distances in space are covered by the power of a very strong gravitational field,

  • how this gravitational field is generated,

  • what the power source is and how it works, and general information about discs and the project on S-4.

By the time we get to Part 2, it will become clear why some of this information is unproven. Some points covered in the 2nd division are:

  • information about the beings who brought us this technology,

  • and how these beings worked with humans throughout history.

I am very careful in choosing what I disclose here and I believe that some of this information should not be made available to the general public. This knowledge is transmitted to you in the same way as it was given to me, with the one exception that I have simplified things for the most part for those of you who do not have a scientific background.

So let's get started.

At the beginning of this first section, I will give you three short scientific lessons. Once you have learned these, not only will you know more about interstellar travel than almost anyone else on Earth, but you will also know the true method another civilization used to travel from another solar system to planet Earth.

Now during the lessons on this, I will have to relate the information I got on S-4 and the information we already agree on, and when I say "we" I mean the scientists whom the general, scientific main direction represented. So, in order not to waste too much time explaining accepted scientific facts and theories - when I say "we know this" or "we know that", please take the liberty of seeking out a qualified scientist, professor or teacher, to have him explain my representations to you.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how is it possible to traverse vast stretches of space without exceeding the speed of light. Or, how can you travel between points that are light years apart in a reasonable amount of time and reasonably economically?

Now recall that the speed of light is 186,000 miles (about 300,000 km) in one second, which translates to roughly 669 million miles (about 1.1 billion km) per hour. A light year is the distance travelled at the speed of light in a year. It takes 4 years at the speed of light to reach Proxima Centauri, the star system closest to us. Hitherto, when we have examined the requirements for traversing these distances, we have always had to consider the problem of travelling at or near the speed of light. This poses problems with propulsion, navigation, and fuel capacity, and even considering the effects of acceleration in space-time, causing time stretch, mass gain, length contraction and a whole host of other things, it quickly becomes clear that this type of travel requires a level of technology that mankind has not yet reached. The truth of the matter is that traversing these distances requires a level of technology that humans have not yet attained. But it has nothing to do with linear flight near the speed of light.

We know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So in our universe, we have always assumed that the fastest way to get from "A" to "B" is to travel in a straight line at the speed of light. Well, the fact of the matter is that when you're dealing with space-time, and the conditions for creating a strong gravitational field are met, the fastest way from "A" to "B" is the space-time between to distort or bend or bow at points "A" and "B", which brings points "A" and "B" closer together.

The stronger the gravitational field, the greater the curvature of space-time and the shorter the distance between points "A" and "B".

Most of us think of space-time as a void or nothingness and remember, it wasn't long ago that people thought the air in our atmosphere was nothing. Now, over time, we have become aware of the elements and properties of the air in our atmosphere.

Space-time is an entity, and one of its properties is that it can be distorted or warped by a gravitational field. We know that gravity distorts or bends space-time and light because we can see stars that we know should be hidden from view by the sun.

Regarding this graph, the solid line indicates the position of a star placed behind the sun, and the dotted line shows its position as seen from Earth. This is made possible by the fact that the sun's gravitational field distorts space-time and light around the sun, allowing us to see stars we are not supposed to see. We know that gravity distorts time. If we take two identical atomic clocks and keep one at sea level and post the other at a higher altitude, they will show different times when we bring them both back.

This time difference is because a gravitational field weakens the farther one gets from the source. So the atomic clock that was taken to high altitude was subjected to a less powerful gravitational field than the clock that was kept at sea level. The effect of a gravitational field on space-time is something that we have been able to observe but have not been able to experiment with. This comes from our inability to create a gravitational field. And up to the present time, a large mass like a star, planet or moon has been the only source of a discernible gravitational field that we have been aware of. Just as a gravitational field around a large mass (planet) distorts space and time, every gravitational field, whether naturally occurring or man-made,

Well, the great benefit of creating an Intense Gravity Field is that you can not only turn it on, you can turn it off. Going back to our original illustration, we can see that if we create an intense gravitational field, we can warp space-time and, in that state, the distance between where we are and where we want to be, can change. We can then position ourselves at the point where we want to be and then stop creating the gravitational field, allowing space-time to resume its natural form. In this way, we can cover large distances with little linear motion, and so space-time distortion is converted into reduced distance.

Now back to our original question: How is it possible to traverse the vast spaces required in interstellar travel without exceeding the speed of light? This is accomplished by creating a powerful gravitational field that warps space-time, allowing it to travel many light-years in little or no time and without travelling in a linear path near the speed of light.

The next question is: How do you create a gravitational field? Up to this point, I have used the term "create" to describe the ability to create a gravitational field, but since I am not aware of any method by which a gravitational field can be created from nothing, a more accurate term would be: a gravitational field accessible to make and reinforce, and that's what I mean when I use the term "create".

To understand how gravity is created, accessed, or augmented, you must first know what gravity is. There are two main theories: the wave theory, which says gravity is a wave, and the commonly accepted one which says it's gravitons, supposedly subatomic particles that present themselves as gravity, which is total nonsense. Because gravity is a wave, there are two specific different types of gravity: gravity "A" and gravity "B". Gravity "A" works on a smaller micro scale, while Gravity "B" exists on a larger macro scale.

Gravity "B" is what we're familiar with: it's the great gravity that keeps the Earth in orbit around the Sun just like the rest of the planets and keeps the Moon in orbit around the Earth just like the man-made satellites.

We are unfamiliar with gravity "A". It is the small gravitational wave that is the main contributor to the force holding together the masses that make up all protons and neutrons. Gravity "A" is what mainstream physics commonly refers to as the strong nuclear force, and gravity "A" is the wave that must be generated and amplified to achieve space-time warping for interstellar travel.

To clarify, remember that gravity "A" works at the atomic level and gravity "B" is a large gravity wave that works on the scale of stars and planets. However, don't mistake the size of these waves for their strength, because gravity "A" is much stronger than gravity "B". One can momentarily breach the "B" gravity field on Earth simply by jumping into the air. So this is not an intense gravity field. Finding gravity "A" is not a problem because it is found at the core of every atom of any kind here on Earth and any kind anywhere else in our universe.

However, making gravity "A" accessible with the elements found on Earth is a big problem. At this time I am not aware of any way to access Gravity "A" using any terrestrial element, whether naturally occurring or man-made. And here's why: We've already learned that gravity "A" is the main force holding together the masses that makeup protons and neutrons.

This means that the gravitational wave "A" that we are trying to create is practically unproducible because it resides within matter, or at least within the matter that we have here on Earth. However, the Earth is not representative of all matter in our universe. The residual matter that remains after the formation of a solar system is entirely dependent on the factors that were present during formation and contributed to its formation. This is true whether one believes that the origin of the universe was an evolutionary event or that a supreme being caused the event. The two main factors that dictate what is left after the formation of a solar system are the amount of electromagnetic energy and the amount of mass, present during the formation of the solar system. Our solar system has one star, which is our sun.

But the majority of solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy are binary (2x) and multiple (multiple) star systems.

Many one-star systems have stars that our Sun would appear dwarfed by comparison. Putting all of this together, it should be obvious that a large one-star, binary, or multiple-star system would have had more of the mass and electromagnetic energy needed during its formation. In these systems, this allows for the creation of elements that are not found on Earth.

Scientists have long theorized that there are potential combinations of protons and neutrons that should endow solid elements with atomic numbers higher than any that appear on our periodic table, even though none of these heavy elements occur naturally on Earth. 88 of the 92 elements of the periodic table occur naturally on Earth. Some heavier elements come in tiny traces, but for the most part, we produce these elements artificially in laboratories.

Generally speaking, the stability of these synthetic elements decreases as their atomic number increases. However, experiments in the heavy-ion research laboratory in Germany have shown that this may only be true up to a certain point since the half-life of element 109 is longer than that of element 108. The fact is that our Observations and theories are accurate. And the fact is that heavier, solid elements with higher atomic numbers that have more protons, neutrons and electrons than any element on Earth exist. Despite this, there has been no physical evidence in history to date to prove this.

But now there is this proof. The most important attribute of these heavier, solid elements is that gravity "A" is so abundant in them that it extends beyond the circumference of the atom. These heavier, solid elements have their own "A" gravitational field around them, in addition to the "B" gravitational field that all elements inherently have.

No naturally occurring element on Earth has enough protons and neutrons for the gravity wave "A" to expand beyond the circumference of the atom to make it accessible. Although the distance that gravity wave "A" travels is vanishingly small, it is accessible and has an amplitude, wavelength and frequency just like any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Once gravity wave "A" can be made accessible, it can be amplified just as we amplify any other electromagnetic wave. To demonstrate how a wave is amplified we can use this oscilloscope and as you can see it plots the sound graphically as a wave creates a stronger version of the same wave, making the sound sound louder. Similarly, gravity wave "A" is amplified, and then tuned to the desired target to cause the space-time distortion necessary for space travel.

This amplified gravity wave "A" is so strong that the only natural manifestation of gravity that would cause space-time to curve that much would be a black hole. This brings us back to our original question: How do you create a gravitational field? One needs access to an element heavy enough to extend the gravitational wave "A" beyond the circumference of the atom. Then you can use them for space-time distortion and amplify them. Now, to complete our three scientific lessons, the final question: what is the source of power for this type of travel?

Well, you can probably imagine the tremendous amount of effort required to create the space-time distortion needed for these journeys. In effect, we're amplifying a wave that's barely larger than atomic in size until it's big enough to shift vast amounts of space-time. For those of you who have a greater knowledge of power sources to draw on, it is certainly even more confusing how it is possible to have on board a compact, lightweight power source that can generate so much power. For everyone to understand this, I must explain a few things that we touched on briefly in the last question.

Recall that we mostly create or synthesize the heavier elements in the accelerator and that their stability decreases as their atomic number increases. So what does all this mean?

Well, we synthesize these heavier, more volatile elements using more stable elements as targets in a particle accelerator. We then bombard the target element with various atomic and subatomic particles.

At this point, conversion occurs, turning the target element into another, heavier element. This element now has a higher atomic number because the atomic number only indicates the number of protons in the nucleus. So that's what I mean when I say their atomic number increases. What does "their stability decreases" mean? The time an element exists before it decays determines its stability. Atoms of some elements decay faster than atoms of other elements, so the faster an element decays, the more unstable it is considered to be. When an atom decays, it releases or emits subatomic particles and energy, which is equivalent to the radiation detected by a Geiger counter.

As you can see, this Geiger counter determines the radiation of uranium, which in plain language means that the Geiger counter detects the subatomic particles that are released or emitted as the uranium decays. Those elements where nuclear radiation is constantly present are the radioactive elements. These heavy elements that we synthesize in particle accelerators are radioactive and they decay very quickly. Because we're only able to create a few atoms of these elements, and because they decay so quickly, we're not able to find out very much about them. That's what I mean when I say "their stability decreases". Nevertheless, there are elements with higher atomic numbers that are stable, although they do not appear naturally on Earth and we cannot synthesize them in the particle accelerator. These are the elements in the 114-115 range that do not appear on any periodic table. Beyond element 115 they become unstable again and indeed element 116 decays in fractions of a second.

This finally brings us to the power source. The power source is a reactor that uses element 115 as fuel. In this reactor, element 115 is used as a target and is bombarded with protons in a small particle accelerator. When a proton enters the nucleus of an atom of 115, it increases its atomic number and becomes an atom of element 116, which, as we recall, decays immediately.

What Element 116 releases as it decays or emits is antimatter. What is antimatter? Antimatter is the exact opposite of matter, which has the opposite charge and direction of rotation to all matter. When brought together with any matter in our universe, antimatter reacts and turns completely into energy. And remember, the rapid conversion of matter into energy is what we commonly call an explosion. To demonstrate the explosive power of antimatter, let's pick any region where a nuclear bomb could explode. Oh, let's say Iraq. And for demonstration purposes, let's say a nuclear bomb would go off in, oh, Baghdad, for example. Well, if one of our older nuclear bombs exploded in Baghdad.

This happens through a fission reaction in which less than one per cent of the atomic material is converted into energy. Most of you are familiar with the bombs that were dropped on Japan during WWII. This is the same bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. At the same time, Dr. Edward Teller, known as the father of the hydrogen bomb, that a hydrogen bomb is possible. Nuclear fusion would release even more energy and cause an even bigger explosion with the same amount of nuclear material. Much to Dr. Teller's dismay, the Japanese gave up, we didn't drop the hydrogen bomb and Dr. Teller has been in a bad mood ever since. But if a hydrogen bomb with the same amount of nuclear material as the Nagasaki bomb were to detonate over Baghdad, the region of total devastation would be about 20 miles. This would be caused by a nuclear fusion reaction, in which again less than 1 percent of the nuclear material is converted to energy or explodes. The other 99% of the nuclear material in this type of bomb is dissipated but is not involved in the actual nuclear reaction.

Now if a bomb were made with the same amount of nuclear material as the Nagasaki bomb, and the material was antimatter when that bomb exploded in Baghdad, the region of total devastation would encompass parts of Africa, Europe and Asia, the exact extent of the devastation being very serious is to be calculated. This would be caused by an annihilation reaction, which is the complete conversion of matter into energy. 100% of the nuclear material in that bomb would detonate or be converted into energy. We currently have no viable way of harnessing antimatter in a bomb, and, generally speaking, we can only isolate antimatter in a particle accelerator and only conserve it for a short time.

This illustrates the huge amount of power that is released when matter is fully converted into energy, which is what happens when matter and antimatter are brought together. So back to our power source.

In the reactor, element 115 is bombarded with a proton, which penetrates the nucleus of atom 115, becoming element 116, which immediately decays, releasing or emitting small amounts of antimatter. The antimatter is channelled into a (tune-tube) in a vacuum, preventing it from reacting with the matter around it. It is then aimed at the gaseous matter - the target - at the end of the tube. Matter and antimatter collide and are destroyed, being transformed into energy.

The heat from this reaction is converted into electrical energy in a nearly 100% efficient thermoelectric generator. This is a method that converts heat directly into electrical energy. Many of our satellites and spacecraft use thermoelectric generators, but their yield is very, very low. All of these actions and reactions within the reactor are perfectly timed, like a tiny ballet, and in this way, the reactor generates an enormous amount of power.

So back to our original question: What is the power source that creates the power needed for these journeys? The power source is a reactor that uses Element 115 for fuel and a total destructive reaction to generate heat which it converts to energy, making it a compact, lightweight onboard power source.

I have a few more brief explanations of element 115 for those of you who are interested. Thanks to the way it is used in the reactor, it depletes very slowly and only 223g of element 115, which is a little less than half a pound, can be used over a 20 to 30-year period. The melting point of element 115 is 1740 degrees Celsius. I must say here that although I have had firsthand experience with Element 115, I never melted any of it down and never used any of it for 20-30 years to see if it would deplete.

So, we've learned how space-time is distorted by a gravitational field, we've learned how a gravitational field is created, and we've also learned where to get the power to do all of this. Now it's time to connect everything we've learned in our science lessons by looking at the vehicle that uses all this technology. A few years ago I would have never thought I would hear myself say this, but the vehicle is a disc, usually referred to as a flying saucer. I have at least partially seen nine different disks out in the S-4 region, but the one I will describe is the one I not only saw two of the three inner planes of but also saw in full function in flight.

The Flying Saucer Bob Lazar nicknamed The Sport model.

This particular disc appeared to be in excellent condition and because of its slick appearance I nicknamed it the "Sports Model". The Sport model was approximately 16 feet tall and 40 feet in diameter. The disc's outer skin is metal and the colour of unpolished stainless steel. The sports model sits on its stomach when not in operation. As you can see the opening is at the top half of the disc and only the bottom part of the door bulges over the very edge of the disc. The interior of the disc is divided into three levels. The lower level is where the gravity boosters and their guidance (steering) are located. These are the things used to amplify and align gravity wave "A"

The reactor is placed directly above the three gravity boosters on the central level and is the centre between them. The reactor is similar to this scale model. The element 115 is packed into such triangles and then placed in the reactor. This piece of element 115 is both the source of gravity wave "A" and the target that is being bombarded with protons to release antimatter, both of which we covered in our science lessons. The central level also houses the control tables and seats, both of which were too small and too low to be functional for an adult human being. The walls of the central level are all divided into arched niches.

At a certain point when the disc was energized, one of these arches became transparent and you could see the area outside the arch just as if it were a window. After the surface was transparent for a while, some kind of writing appeared on it, but it didn't resemble any alphabet, mathematical or scientific symbols I've ever seen, and I was never told how it was all accomplished, or if extraterrestrial technology was necessary. I was never allowed access to the upper level of the disk so I can't give you any insight as to what the hatch-like areas are for, so I can only assure you that they aren't hatches.

Before telling you more about the disc, I'll explain where and under what circumstances I saw the tests. My job in this program was to be part of a back-engineering team. Backengineering means you take a complete product, and examine it closely to find out what makes it work. The goal of this program was to find out if the disc's technology could be operated in the same way as material from Earth. When I went to work, I was flown from Las Vegas' Mac Carron Airport to Zone 51, a heavily secured government base at the Nevada Proving Grounds. Zone 51 is 125 miles north of Las Vegas near the Groom Mountains and the dry bed of Groom Lake. From Area 51, I was bused to an even more secure facility that was about 10 minutes away.

S-4 is at the foot of the Papoose Mountains by the dry bed of Lake Papoose. The airspace around S-4 is restricted, and if any unwelcome aircraft stray into the outer sector, they radio the pilot and order him or her to vacate the area. If this pilot continues flying and gets into the middle sector, jets will rise and escort the intruder aircraft out.

If, for whatever reason, the plane penetrates further into the inner sector before the jets are airborne, surface-to-air missiles will neutralize the intruder. Moral of the story: don't try to find and fly to S-4. The S-4 installation is built into the mountain and the nine hangar doors are angled at approximately 60 degrees. The gates are topped with covers that have a sand texture to blend into the mountain and desert floor.

Bob Lazar' ID card.

Credit: Bob Lazar.

As you can see in this representation, my ID card had a white background with a light blue and a dark blue diagonal stripe in the upper left corner. At the bottom were letters and numbers denoting various districts including S-4. My badge had a star punched through S-4. The rear of the ID badge was dark blue with a vertical stripe running down one side.

The hangar that housed the sports model was a typical aircraft hangar, except for the angled doors I mentioned earlier. The hangar was equipped with typical tools and very extensive electronic equipment. There was also a machine with an x-ray symbol on it, and a tall crane rated at 20,000 pounds. The equipment in this hangar was marked with the black number "41" surrounded by a white circle. I saw the sports model tests outside of this hangar.

Now, when a disk flies near another source of gravity, such as that of a planet or moon, it doesn't use the same kind of flight that we've been taught in our science lessons. When the disk is near another gravitational source such as the Earth, the "A" gravity waves propagating from the disk are progressively pushed into the "B" gravity waves propagating from Earth. And that creates lift. The disk's gravity boosters can be independently aligned, and they work on impulse, they are not constantly working. When all three amps are used for flight, they are in the "Delta" configuration. And if only one is used for flight, it's the "Omicron" configuration. As the gravitational field around the disk increases in intensity, so does the space-time shift around the disk, and if you could see the curvature of space-time it would look like this: if the amplifiers were driving the As the output of the gravitational field intensifies, the shape of space-time around the disc not only bends upward, but folds (collapses) into something like a heart shape at maximum distortion. Now remember: this space-time distortion occurs 360 degrees around the disc. So if you were looking at the disk from above, the space-time distortion would be in the shape of a pancake. When the gravitational field around the disk becomes so intense Because the space-time distortion around the disk is at its maximum and collapsed into this heart-like shape, the disk cannot be seen from any vantage point, and despite best efforts is invisible. All that would be seen would be the sky surrounding them.

The program out in Area S-4 consisted of three projects: 

project Galileo,

Project Sidekick and

Project LookingGlass.

Project Galileo dealt with gravitational propulsion and was the source of all the information I have given you in this first part. 

Project Sidekick was concerned with a beam weapon powered by neutrons and aimed with gravity lenses.

Project Looking Glass dealt with the science of seeing backwards in time. Now, I haven't personally dealt with the hardware of Project Sidekick and Project Looking Glass and those projects are beyond the scope of this video. Now that brings us to the end of this first part, which I present to you as fact.

At this point we begin our second part, the section I call "Excerpts from the Government Bible." I call it that because, as you know from the first part, there is a small part of the US government that makes scientific and technological decisions from a knowledge base that is not available to the public. These are excerpts from that information.

As part of my introduction to the S-4 program, I was accidentally placed in a small room containing a table, a chair, and about 120 instructions in blue folders. I was left alone there to read for varying lengths of time, usually around half an hour.

These instructions contained a wide range of information, most of which related to extraterrestrials and extraterrestrial technology. These reports appeared to be an overview of "alien information" intended to inform scientists of any field about the scope of the project, not just their particular field and mission. The overview of Project Galileo was precise. I read the overview and later witnessed facts that proved it to be correct. So it's also possible that scientists who have been involved with other projects have seen the evidence that the other reviews were also correct, but I can't say 100%. To me, these reports were just words on paper.

So, lest I say "allegedly" and "as believed" in every sentence, I am providing this information to you as I read it, having made that caveat beforehand. The technology you know about so far was brought here by some extraterrestrial beings from the Ceta Reticuli 1 and 2 star system. These stars are in the Reticulum constellation, which can only be seen from the southern hemisphere. Ceta Reticuli is a binary star system, meaning it has 2 stars, and is located approximately 30 light years from Earth. These beings come from Reticulum-4, which is the fourth planet of Ceta Reticuli 2. This is how star systems are spoken of in these accounts. They simply denote the sun and the number of planets, from that which is nearest to the sun to that which is furthest away. For example, our sun has been referred to as "Sol" and the earth is referred to as "Sol-3" because we are the third planet from the sun. A day on Reticulum-4 is 90 Earth hours long.

The creatures are 3 to 4 feet tall and weigh 25 to 50 pounds. They have greyish skin and large heads with large, almond-shaped eyes. They have very thin, slender noses, mouths, and ears, and are hairless. All dates in the reports dealing with these beings were marked with a 6-digit number beginning with the number 1623. Having no idea how this 6-digit number relates to the present time, I had no way of figuring out when these beings arrived, or at least when they appeared this time.

These beings said they had visited the earth repeatedly over a long period and presented photographic evidence which they said was over 10,000 years old.

There was an exchange of material and information in central Nevada until 1979 when a conflict arose that abruptly halted the project.

The beings left Earth but are said to return at a date marked 1623... and I do not know what date that is.

With the remaining hardware and information available, the US government began a "back-engineering" program. In May 1987, some scientists brought an anti-matter reactor to an underground launch facility at the Nevada Test Site to experiment. Unfortunately for her, during the experiment, it became necessary to cut open the reactor, which meant her death. The others at the test site were told the explosion was an unannounced, underground nuclear test. I was hired in December 1988 to replace one of these men.

These beings transmitted information on how to manipulate the human mind to numb (anaesthetize) the body. This is accomplished without any physical contact from an outside source. For the anaesthetic to be complete, the brain must be in a relaxed state, similar to that required for hypnosis. If the mind is exposed to any external stimulus, such as stimulant drugs or loud music, then manipulation of the nervous system is ineffective.

The beings said that man is the product of an externally corrected (influenced) evolution. They said that humanity as a race has genetically altered 65 times. They referred to humans as "containers" but I don't know what they are meant to be containers for. I'm sure you now understand why I couldn't substantiate the information in the second part. And it's obvious that, if the information is correct, the ramifications and implications are far-reaching, and it doesn't take a nuclear physicist to realize that.

So, before I wrap this up, I should ask you a few questions. The first is: How did I get into this program?

In 1982, while I was working at the Los Alamos National Lab, the local newspaper ran a front-page story about the "jet car" I had built. Coincidentally, Dr. Teller gave a lecture at Los Alamos that same day. I met dr Teller and never returned, but in 1988, when I decided to rejoin the scientific community, I sent him a resume and asked about a job. dr Teller answered me by phone and said that he was no longer active and only held a consulting position. He gave me the name of a contact I could call in Las Vegas. I made the phone call and things developed from there until I got to the program. I never had a chance to see Dr. Asking Teller if he remembered me from Los Alamos.

The second question is if what I just presented to you is true and the government is keeping it secret, how can I make a video about it? Well, the rationale is this: if there are any repercussions on the making of this video, that simply confirms that what I'm saying is true. So what you do with this information is up to you.

Remember, not everyone who sees a disk in the sky is crazy, so keep an eye on the sky, especially here in central Nevada. 

And thanks for listening.

Credit: Bob Lazar.

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