Ancient Alien Elongated Skulls That Shouldn't Be There

Ancient aliens or a subspecies of human beings with Elongated Skulls have been discovered in Bolivia and they really shouldn't be there.

There's a place in Bolivia called Patapatani which is super hard to get to "like near on impossible now" place, maybe not in the ancient past but definitely so now.

They was discovered inside a tomb that was created for Royals called a Chullpa Tower which is in Bolivia. The story is a definite creepy one, it's also very, very sad. Taking the age of the young girl with the elongated skull (image below in the curled up position) who died during childbirth and her foetus had an elongated skull also. See this link for that as I didn't want to post that image.

Example of a modern day skull next to an elongated skull.

Young woman discovered inside of a Chullpa tower in Bolivia.

Chullpa tower in Bolivia with royal elongated skulls inside.

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As this area of Bolivia hasn't really got the best road infrastructure, it makes it so hard to explore especially with modern equipment.

Actually it's quite a feat just getting there. Now, let's look at where elongated skulls have been found around the world, how did they travel vast ocean's and continents in the first place?

Ancient elongated skulls have been discovered in Patapatani, Bolivia.

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Because of the unknown part's of their DNA and the elongated skulls this is why a lot of people believe these are ancient Aliens.

Ancient origins are etched into mystery. History itself is ever changing and the facts of now are tomorrow's learning lesson's. Is this truly evolution at work because damn, it sure feels like history is forever changing as and when new evidence becomes available or is discovered? That's got to be evidence of evolution too as well as the skeletons...

Life's how you make it, but make it you must. Take it and curate it, but please don't waste it. Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

A Finnish team has made an unbelievable discovery going back a few years ago (about 5 years ago) when this was first discovered. But I feel like hardly anybody knows much at all about this because let's face it, when was the last time that you Googled Bolivian elongated skulls? It's a truly strange discovery with possible just as strange ramifications because part's of history will have to change. For starters there a new branch on the ancestral tree.

Just going back a bit:

In fact when was the last time you looked up ancient Aliens living in Bolivia? That's why I've done it for mankind lol, I've stepped up and Googly Shmooglied it for you. Your welcome.

I'm gonna tell you right now that we're looking at a staggering different subspecies of human beings and the DNA results where mind blowing! Some of it (according to mainstream history) shouldn't exist let alone actually existing! Because fundamental to all this is supposed evolution right, the accepted migration patterns, the accepted shift's of time? But, and I'll quote:

4 of the Paracas contains DNA ancestry that did not come over the Bering land bridge. And it's evidence that the subspecies died out...

Where the heck did it go through it's transformation, where did "it's" evolution take place? What's missing from history? Or, are we literally looking at an ancient Alien species that dropped out of the sky, literally. We only need to look at ancient Egypt with their elongated skulls. These two places shouldn't have the same elongated skulls subspecies. Are they from the same subspecies, we might never know because it's not accepted by mainstream historians.

Or is this part of history that's low in relevant information to make an informed decision? Personally I want to believe that it's an Alien species what with the elongated skulls etc but also I really want to hold off of making any decisions because I also believe that we're just not well informed enough on this part of history. Who is right?

It's a literal enigma, we've got a subspecies (possibly) and also elongated skulls, Africa had them also. This is in Bolivia though, if it's a truly unique subspecies then why is there other elongated skulls in other places on Earth in antiquity... They couldn't travel amongst each other as there was vast oceans seperating everyone at the time. Or is our standard version of history winging it and adding things as it goes because at the moment there's great big stinking gap's of time and questionable facts with dubious accepted accounts that supposedly took place or didn't take place.

You do know that there's stuff in our museums that turns the accepted version of history on it's head!

Here's a fascinating quote regarding what the scientific community is trying to tell people (probably with the hopes that it will cover up the elongated skulls): Just remember that no matter how badly a person has their skull deformed, it stands as a test that it will not, Ney it cannot add any extra volume overall to a skull.

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In other words if you elongate a head using a wooden plank, no matter what you cannot add any more skull to it other than what was going to grow. Some elongated skulls have 33% added extra skull volume.

They will tell you that all the strange skulls found till today were intentionally deformed, were due to disease or inbreeding degeneration, but they will be lying to you.

With mechanical cranial deformation there will never be more cranial capacity than normal and they know it.

Brian Foerster  

Credit: Leer más:

Possible discovery of ancient mother and baby with elongated heads in Bolivia.

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Guy's, there's evidence of elongated skulls around the world from ancient times and a lot had Royal status, rulers, king's and the likes. There's definitely a part of history which is either truly forgotten about or there's bit's scattered throughout the ancient world. There is a lot of reading between the lines when it comes to this type of stuff. And again, there's a real story here, but what the hell is the core mystery?

How is it elongated skulls have scattered throughout the ancient world with vast oceans seperating them? And seperated by continents...

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

And it certainly is a mystery because if it was as straight forward as the actual elongated skulls themselves then it'd be an open and shut case. The lack of information doesn't instantly mean that there isn't a story, it just means that on both sides of the argument, it will stay plausible. Yes they might be ancient alien hybrids, and no they could just be a mutation from inbreeding? Very plausible.

Let's see what happens in the coming years and so keep an open mind. Here's a fantastic video uploaded to YouTube by 

If you've got any thoughts or opinions on this post that you'd like to share, you can do so in the comments section below cheers, also if you know anyone who would appreciate this post, please share it with them, thanks.

Credit: Brian Forester YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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