Recent Winged UFO Has Crashed In Antarctica In Google Maps

Recently incredible evidence has emerged of a really unusual outline in the frigid snow of Antarctica which shows us a possible crashed winged craft.

I say winged craft but I also put UFO in the same sentence as both fit the image.

Google Maps crashed winged craft in Antarctica.

Close up of the winged crashed UFO in Antarctica.

Location, and all the coordinates aren't put forward by Express or MrMBB33 but, it's definitely Google Maps.

That's because you've got to see it to know what the "winged craft" bit means, it's totally bizarre?

This is also what the Express news and MrMBB33 has described it as. In effect it's an Arrow head pointing in the pictures and it's pointing to around the 10 o'clock mark if we imagine a clock over it.

It's also in a kinda boomerang shape or a Phoenix light's type of UFO shape? MrMBB333 say's it looks like a triangle shape craft and I've got to agree in part that it looks like a that but I personally think it's more of an arrow shape and in principle I agree it's kind of a triangle shape but I feel it's got more of an arrow head look to it. What do you think about it? Even a chevron pattern is more to the point?

Donnaleigh Jenkins responded: "Wow, that definitely looks like a triangle craft of some kind in the snow there in Antarctica! "Especially when you show it through some of the different filters. Great find!"


Anyways it's a truly bizarre looking shape that's hard to miss when looking at it in the Google Maps database and you know what, I've had some success myself with looking through the Google Maps "Planet Mars" version. There's a lot and I mean a lot of structure's, buildings and shapes no matter what you look into on Mars and in the Earth Map's.

There's a strange scrape to the UFOs immediate behind in the snow. And because it's in Antarctica that could only mean one thing, that it's crashed landed "whatever it is" be it a UFO or other? But it sure looks like this UFO or craft crashed into the ground and scraped along or slid through the snow.

It possibly came to a stop exactly where it is in the image and has laid where it is now ever since? And, because of the snow, the massive distances from anywhere else and all the rock's and danger's of Antarctica, it might not have been moved at all? It's possible, actually it's probable that it hasn't moved since? Unless, maybe the Military has moved in and it's no longer there? Area 51 might have a new resident...

It could be that it's a genuine mistake and it's a natural rocky mountainous region? This could be a totally natural formation set into the rock's we can see. But I have to admit that it's a truly strange shape and it's possibly got a scrape where it's crash landed? It all adds up to one strange, mysterious possible UFO crash site in Antarctica.

Here's the extraordinary video which was on the Express news website:

Guy's, if you've got any thoughts or opinions on this UFO which has possibly crashed in Antarctica, then please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post with someone who would appreciate this, thanks.

Credit: Express/MrMBB33/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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