3 Triangular Shaped UFOs Filmed On The 6th June 2021

Night vision video of 3 Triangle shaped UFOs filmed over the USA just a year ago.

I absolutely love these kinds of UFO sightings because their so unexplained and nearly always come with that air of "top secrecy" and the night vision always looks great.

Triangular shaped UFO sighting over the USA.

Night vision UFO sighting of triangle shape craft's.

These are probably unique UFO triangles that look similar to a North Carolina UFO sighting in the USA but they only look similar and not exact.

These triangular UFOs filmed in night vision actually only match up to themselves and nothing else exactly.

After various different researching methods, I've come up with around 10 other similar UFO sighting's that nearly match up with the night vision triangle shape UFOs, but not quite! There's actually nothing concrete (can you believe it) and because there's absolutely nothing online that matches the shape exactly, it stands to reason that it's a truly unique UFO sighting. That point's to this being a real UFO sighting.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Date and place.

Triangular (TR3B?) type craft sighting over the USA 2021 - [06/08/2021]

There's a few very similar looking triangle UFOs, there's whole triangle symbol craft's, 3 UFO Orbs in each triangle corner, there's the 4 UFOs in a triangle with the 4th UFO Orb in the middle but not connected like this particular UFO sighting.

I was shocked myself to see that nothing matched up! I literally checked all the internet! And yes, there's ways to check the full internet crossing all different kinds of mediums. Video, photo and documents because it's checking the image with keywords. Also the metadata but it's brought up nothing using Google Lens and Chrome. In terms of matching UFOs up, and not getting back any results means only one thing...

It's a unique UFO sighting.

But if that translates into this been a bona-fide real Unidentified Flying Object I suppose we might never know unless it's military and it's declassified later on down the disclosure road? But, I live in hope.

A year ago this video was filmed on the 6th June and the video was uploaded to YouTube just 2 days later. In the video we can see 2 definitely triangle shaped UFOs but there's another smaller UFO that's unexplained in shape.

There's one of the Triangular shaped UFOs that halfway through the video it zip's off fast! If you blink you'll miss it. I found this gem quality UFO sighting by trawling through the back roads of YouTube. There's a plethora of amazing UFO sightings footage but with hardly any views on YouTube and some have been on YouTube for years!

Hardly anyone sees these night vision, triangle UFOs for some unknown reason as Google returned only a handful of triangle UFOs, I do have one theory about that one though.

Let's just imagine that someone fakes a UFO sighting, they'd be so ecstatic about their creation that they'd probably be sharing it everywhere and getting people to watch it, it kinda makes sense because otherwise it's a waste of their time for these people?

So, when we come across an absolute belter of a UFO sighting but with hardly any views on it, it will more than likely mean that the person who filmed it, uploaded it to YouTube and left it?

Well then that backs up the whole story and video because it's their first time posting a UFO sighting. Like I said, if they've gone to the trouble of hoaxing a UFO video they'd want as many people as possible seeing it?

But this video has only 199 views in a whole year!

That tells me that this wasn't an edited or digital creation because it's been uploaded and left. It doesn't follow normal UFO hoaxes. So, as far as I can understand (and that's my understanding) of this UFO video. The lack of views and the lack of promotion and the fact that it was posted to YouTube 2 days after it was filmed tells me that this is real.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Man made or Extraterrestrial in origin, you decide...

And there's no drone on Earth that can travel as fast as this one does in the video. It whizzed off leaving the other UFOs standing! There's nothing that I know of that's triangular in shape, flies and accelerates as fast as this one does, it's insane speeds with unimaginable footage! Literally we hear the witness who is filming this gasped out loud after witnessing the UFO take off at lightning speed.

It's a definite UFO sighting as far as I'm concerned and for all the reaso s I've just written about.

Here's the epic UFO sighting which was uploaded to YouTube on the 6th June, 2021 by 3AM Lowdown YouTube channel:

Guy's if you have any thoughts or opinions on this, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: 3AM Lowdown YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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