Area 51 Engineer Explains Seeing UFOs And Aliens Plus Entrances

There are not many people who have or will come forward with any next-level or unique information regarding Area 51 which is so sad, to put it mildly.

Anything coming out of Area 51 is subject to restrictions if not a total blanket control.

Alien Grey's exist at Area 51 and Alien Disks as told by the eye witness engineer who worked at Area 51.

Did you know that Area 51 employees reach the facility by way of numerous aeroplanes?


They fly in and out of an airport called McKennon Airport via an extremely, top security and very restricted terminal at McCarran International Airport on one of several unmarked planes permitted to fly through the airspace above Area 51 (designated airspace R-4808N).

I'll start with one rhetorical question that I'll answer later on down in this post. Is Ufology brutal?

Just getting there is usually by an unmarked aircraft with a direct route from McKinnon Airport. Is this democratic especially when it's a Government facility, maybe so. I'd have to say I don't know because how can it be independently audited if needed?

It's not democratic because the transparency and independent sources don't have unrestricted access even if it is military.

I understand that it's a military installation but it's also an employer so it should have transparency in this regard.

Okay, I admit it, I just want a peek in them aircraft hangars lol! Show us them Aliens lol. They can do whatever they want and if it keeps us safe - and that's a good thing. It's fine by me if it's in our interests.

The guy in the video gives us an explanation about what goes on at Area 51 and what he saw at Area 51. He was 10 or 15 feet away from the "Disk" he says it was a Disk. It was sitting on the ground, on its belly. He was introduced to the Alien Grey's and he met them no more than 10 times. These engineers he says were introduced to the Alien Grey's because it's to get used to them. It's no different from going to Africa and being introduced to Pigmies. It's about getting used to them.

Here's the extraordinary "video number 1", which shows us the interview with the engineer who worked at Area 51 above.

I say "There are not many people who have come forward" but there are a few people who came forward with information regarding the mysterious place that is Area 51. We just couldn't see it at the time. While that's true, I believe that it's very important to recognise the sacrifice that these awesome guys and gals have made!

Otherwise, it's for nothing, right? It'll be lost to the sands of time...

Because the information contained at Area 51 was always going to be made public ie inevitable, weighed up at the time by outside pressure and the obvious inside pressure and like anything eating its way in and out it must collapse!

Video description:

Bill Uhouse, then a 71-year-old man, claimed to have been an Area 51 engineer and revealed that he used to work in collaboration with a Grey Alien at the Area 51 site. Bill Uhouse claimed to have worked with an alien he dubbed “J-Rod” who helped him in understanding how to control the alien vehicle. Bill Uhouse passed away in 2009. Many people in the past have come forward with information and many have a lot of things in common. Here are some of them... 1. There is a massive underground system composed of bases and compounds. These facilities contain labs, workshops for reverse engineering and secure "rooms" for the "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" or EBEs for short. 2. About number one, these bases were constructed toward the end of the Truman Administration. 3. Multiple humanoid races exist. 4. A race of "Greys". Three types: Tall or "Large" Greys. Short Greys and Greys are the average human height as well. 5. A race of tall "Nordic" Human Extraterrestrials with large eyes. 6. There is even mention of a "Reptilian" race by many as well.

Finding UFO YouTube video description. 

Inevitable, critical information infrastructure collapses for want of a better term that's why secrecy in this capacity just didn't work out.

But getting back to the whistleblowers. Their sacrifices are definitely what matters most. Well, in a perfect world, I suppose it would be of the utmost importance valued above everything else but we're talking about Earth in 2022, nobody cares about the "how or the why" it's just the now that matters the most. They just want the information now as an example.

But, as long as I write about this type of evidence I'm always going to be acknowledging their sacrifices, not individuals or enterprises as a sole thing, just the collective. A silent nod to their amazing courage because I do not doubt that they were scared beforehand. That's what makes it all the more courageous.

Bravery is seldom used in these sorts of circumstances unless it's the boss defying the world and its puppets. Their contributions made these guys lose their careers, their friends disowned them and some even lost their families! Because of the shame and embarrassment of having a brother, son or uncle as the one who sold out the Government was a lot to take in for some.

Pilots coming forward with UFO sightings from the cockpit got sacked, laughed at, snubbed shunned and also lost everything! The full, whole nine yards is what they lost, for real!

And now we know that it was all real.

It's the saddest story, tale or whatever you want to call it - in history. Isn't it sad and I feel so much sadness for these brave souls, actual people? The ripples of which are still felt today.

Here's the reason for the sadness.

It's a big thing if you part of a military family a civil servant family or even a political family. It most certainly is a very big deal! It's hard to explain I assume because we're not part of a military family or a government family, a civil servant family. But I can sure as hell understand it and imagine the backlash from such a thing and how it must have been devastating for all involved.


You are labelled as the black sheep of the family. You know that uncle or that aunty that nobody talks about anymore, you were shunned by your once close family and you didn't get invited to the funeral of your fondest family know that person that the family doesn't invite to family get-togethers.

It's heartbreaking and very real guys.

And that's the sacrifices people have made so that the world knows what is happening in not just Area 51 but other Government agencies.

The rhetorical Ufology question is answered below.

So yes, Ufology is brutal depending on how far you go down the rabbit hole.

What is Area 51:

  • Area 51 is a U.S. Air Force military installation located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada.
  • Area 51 is an active military installation. It is administered by Edwards Air Force Base in southern California.
  • Area 51 is not accessible to the public and is under 24-hour surveillance.
  • The only confirmed use of the installation is as a flight-testing facility.
  • During World War II (1939–45) the U.S. Army Air Corps used the site as an aerial gunnery range.

Did you know that...

In 1955 the area was selected by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a testing site for the Lockheed U-2, a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953–61) authorized the testing, which was to be conducted under the code name Project AQUATONE. Testing began in July 1955. 

So, from its very, very beginning Area 51 was designated as a top-secret control and deployment facility. Under that umbrella comes everything, pretty much! Control of the lot, and deployment of everything which would include the technological wonders of the modern world ie engineered crafts, unmanned aerial vehicle vehicles and unmanned trans-medium objects which are at the forefront of the Government's aerial vehicles.

"We don't know where they're from and they're not ours" 

The US Government's statement was released regarding the UAP videos and the disclosure of the Nimitz and Theodore Roosevelt encounter videos.

I'm being serious with you guys, they're not ours and they're not another country either! That was their main theme! And that's thanks to the whistleblowing and no-holds-barred interviews where people have come forward with top secret information such as the UAP video of the Tic Tac UFOs.

But, it's broken many families apart! So please, let's acknowledge their private sacrifices for the greater betterment of the public.

Oh, it's true alright it's not so much a sacrifice as it's just sad. The situation for these Extraterrestrial entities held captive in Area 51 (or at least they were) is going to be a shameful time in our history. It's almost a dead certainty that Extraterrestrials are real because of the UAP disclosure.

What was released then was the initial yes to the Extraterrestrial life questi ok n. The Government is going through its very normal process of compartment information release. Need to know basis, as and when, only when needed etc. That sort of thing.

The fact that these UAP videos were released in the first place is almost certainly saying that we've won! But, it's just not the right time yet to have full disclosure. The fact that the US Government the DoD Department of Defense the US Navy etc all released these UAP videos "pretty much together" is dumbfounding!

After accepting that yes indeed these were filmed by the US Navy pilots from the Nimitz encounter and the Theodore Roosevelt encounters, that in itself is mind-blowing! Who'd of thought that it would take a protest resignation and the release of the UFO sightings filmed in Infrared to get the US Government to admit it all?

Area 51 job vacancies aren't going to be on any job description website or any advertising board near you, anytime soon. They probably picked the people who are there now. These guys at Area 51 are more than likely word of mouth "and that's strictly" for security reasons, probably...

It wouldn't surprise me if I had it all wrong because how does one know about the recruitment process of a top-secret agency? It's almost laughable that I even tried to explain it with such a simple word-of-mouth answer, lol. I'm not afraid of saying what I mean and meaning what I say.

Here's the extraordinary "video number 2" showing us multiple entrances in different locations in and around Area 51 - including the coordinates in the video.

Included also in the video are the years represented in screenshots of maps but going right back to 1998 when the internet was in its infancy and especially the mapping of the locations in and around Area 51 which was uploaded to YouTube by the Finding UFO channel.


If you've got any thoughts opinions, suggestions or you've got information regarding Area 51 I'd like it if you could share this in the comments section below, cheers. Also if you could share this post I'd appreciate it, thanks.

Credit: Finding UFO/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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